To the hardcore fan of Superman from the comic books, his greatest adversary is Lex Luthor. While we are excited to see the Man of Steel battling it out with the Dark Knight in "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice", a purely good-vs-bad, brawn-vs-brain movie is long overdue.

Amid reports that "Batman V Superman" will basically act as "Man of Steel 2", many DC fans are hoping that Superman will get another sequel which takes the Superhero back to his roots. We are talking about a storyline which will focus on a Superman (Henry Cavill) versus Lex Luthor (Jessie Eissenberg) storyline.

We did not get that in "Man of Steel", and with the number of characters that are going to pop up in "Batman V Superman", we are not going to get it in "Dawn of Justice" either. The upcoming movie will work more as a launch-pad for Batman, and an open-door for many characters of the "Suicide Squad" movie.

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Fans will remember the 12-issue "All-Star Superman" series that ran from November 2005 to October 2008. Penned by Grant Morrison, it is pegged by many as the best Superman comic ever written, and although an animated film of the same was made in 2011, a live-action film starring the current actors would be amazing to watch.

In "All-Star Superman", Lex Luthor tricks Superman into going to the Sun, thereby exposing him to an overdose of solar radiation, which is slowly killing the Kryptonian. It is learnt that he barely has a year to live, and Lex Luthor is arrested and sentenced to death for every crime he has committed against humanity.

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The story explores how each of these characters responds to their respective impending death. While Superman wants to leave a legacy before he leaves, saving as many people as he can, Luthor responds by planning one last hurrah. In the end, Luthor learns that he needs Superman in his life, and even reincarnates a dead Superman using a liquefied form of his DNA.

"All-Star Superman" storyline also shows Superman's humility, consciousness and integrity, something that was not even touched upon, in "Man of Steel" and will not be, in "Dawn of Justice". In fact, it is reportedly his god-like presence in Metropolis that leads Batman to charge at him.

Therefore, if "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" is in fact the sequel to "Man of Steel", then Superman deserves another movie, wherein the juxtaposition of him and Lex Luthor will be explored.

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