"Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" is still months away from release, but it looks like Warner Bros. is reportedly all set to make some last minute changes to give more screen space to Ben Affleck as Batman over Henry Cavill's Superman. And, the reported reasons are pretty obvious.

It has been widely reported that Ben Affleck has signed up a solo Batman movie (maybe an entire trilogy) with WB. It is understood that Ben Affleck's impressive performance in "Dawn of Justice" has helped him bag that solo flick.

Now, the latest rumour is that the production house is making changes in the editing room to show more of the Dark Knight and less of Superman in the upcoming film because Affleck's Batman is "blowing" Henry Cavill's Superman off the screen.

According to Heroic Hollywood, "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" is in its post production stages and WB has requested to show more of the Caped Crusader over Superman because Batman, who has now become the jewel of the DC Universe, is hands down more popular than his opponent.

While pointing out Ben's popularity after "Argo" and "Gone Girl", the report further states that Warners wants to cash in on the combination of two popular faces -- Affleck and Batman.

But many fans may wonder if it is a fair decision to sideline Superman, given that he is the oldest superhero in the DC cinematic universe. Sounds quite disrespectful, doesn't it?

Meanwhile, a lot of rumours have been speculating how "Dawn of Justice" will end. Tapping into the trend, animator Stephen Byrne has created a short video, predicting what may actually happen when Batman and Superman finally have a showdown. And in this clip (via AV Club), Superman is clearly seen winning over Batman. Well, it looks like a real treat for Superman fans.

We will know who wins when "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" releases on 25 March, 2016.