It seems like Warner Bros. is all set to make sure that its DC Extended Universe (DCEU) gets a firm expansion similar to its rival franchise Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Adding more to the plan, the studio recently announced that the sequel to 2011's "Man of Steel" is under active development and the production might begin soon.

Though there are a few movies under DCEU that are scheduled to be released consecutively including the upcoming "Justice League" and "Wonder Woman," the studio has said that "Man of Steel 2" is a "top priority" and they will be getting the character right for the audiences, as reported by The Wrap.

Henry Cavill will be reprising his role of Superman from "Man of Steel" and "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" in "Justice League." The caped crusader was last seen dead at the end of "Batman v Superman" and is speculated to be resurrected in "Justice League."

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Several rumours have been surfacing on the internet regarding the version of Superman that will be seen in "Man of Steel 2." Some of them claim that since the story closely resembled the "Death of Superman" storyline from comic books in "Batman v Superman," a darker and sinister version of Superman will be seen in the next instalment.

Though the last son of Krypton will first appear in "Justice League" before getting his second solo movie, there is a significant possibility that his new avatar will be introduced later. 

In comic books, there are numerous differences between Superman and his darker version. Unlike the classic hero, this Superman is brutal, violent, savage and merciless. He doesn't believe in putting criminals to trial. Instead, he strongly believes in putting them to an end once and for all.

There were several references of Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns" in "Batman v Superman." Hence, though there have been no official confirmation yet, the fans might get to see their favourite superhero in an all new avatar soon.