Ferrari thief
Man steals Ferrari only to be caught unable to refuel (representational image)Ferrari

Can it get any worse? Santa Ana police in Southern California arrested a man found begging for money to fuel a Ferrari supercar that he was seen driving. Apparently, the Ferrari 458 Spider was a stolen car. But that's not the end of the story. The car thief did not know how to fuel the car nor had enough cash to fill it up and was seen begging for the same.

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Israel Perez Rangel drew suspicion after police in Santa Ana found him begging for money to fill up the Ferrari that had run out of gasoline. Although he fled the spot after seeing police, Rangel was later arrested. He had reportedly stolen the car valued at a whopping $300,000 (Rs 2 crore) from a service station where it had been left for servicing. The Los Angeles Times reported that the car was owned by Susan Friedman, a resident of Laguna Beach.

CCTV footage had revealed that the exotic supercar was driven off by a man wearing a Ferrari-like jacket from the station after a mechanic at the service station left the key on the passenger seat. The car was later recovered after police busted the crime. At the time of the vehicle's recovery, it was found to have been trashed with a destroyed gearbox, torn emblems and body.

The Los Angeles Times report also adds that Friedman was able to get the insurance claim for the stolen Ferrari and has reportedly bought a 2018 Lamborghini Huracán. A case of all being well that ends well.