Dead body
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NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation) has shared a remarkable testimonial of a man named Gary, and it is now the hottest point of debate among atheists and spiritualists. In the testimonial, Gary recalls his near-death experience (NDE), and the man even claims that he was out of his body for at least four hours.

The near-death experience of Gary happened in 2012 following a pulmonary embolus. Gary revealed that he was fully aware even after his alleged soul left the body.

"During the early intervention time, I left my body. I didn't see myself in bed, but I left the body for sure. I went to a place where I had no (physical) body and drifted in space above a hard flat surface. I was a long way off the ground. I was drifting while being suspended but still wide awake and very aware of my surroundings," wrote Gary in the testimonial.

Gary wrote that the sky was filled with candy-like droplets, and he described it as one of the most beautiful sights in his life. He also added that he could move anywhere with just thinking.

"I was above a sky filled with individually colored drops like the candy of liquorish or differently colored candies with chocolate inside. I could move by just thinking about being somewhere different. The chocolate multi-colored drops were moving to a point in the sky where they were falling down, like a waterfall," continued Gary.

As per Gary, the near-death experience was amazing, and he made it clear that he would love to return to that place without any hesitation. Gary revealed that he became more spiritually attuned after the near-death experience.

However, experts in medical science argue that near-death experience is actually some kind of trick played by our brain. As the brain fails to get sufficient oxygen, it tries to adapt itself, and during this time, flashes of light will be visible in front of the victim. Most people often mistake these flashes of light as the doorway to heaven or hell.