A Haryana man used his wife as 'mortgage' for a loan of Rs 30,000, but later murdered the lender after he demanded an interest for the loan. 

Sabir Ali, originally from Bihar, gave up his wife Salma as mortgage to Mohammad Golam for Rs 30,000 in January this year. The latter brought Salma to his house in Yamuna Nagar, close to Chandigarh, and even reportedly travelled with her to Bihar and Madhya Pradesh, according to a report by The Times of India. 

The two were reportedly living together till October, until Sabir came to get his wife 'released'. 

However, Golam reportedly demanded an interest of Rs 20,000 and refused to let Salma leave. 

Then, Sabir strangulated Golam and beat him to death on 31 October, as per the report.

"Sabir claims he even paid this additional amount on October 31, but Golam refused to let Salma go. Following this he, along with his wife, hatched the conspiracy to kill Golam," DSP Rajinder Kumar told TOI

Sabir and Salma reportedly have three children, who were living with their father during the time their mother had been 'mortgaged'.