At a time when many citizens would second guess the need to call the cops for even a stolen few thousand rupees, a Mangalore man dialed 112 to find his lost slippers. The man's slippers were stolen from outside a temple in Mangalore.

The few seconds of CCTV footage shows the thief casually ambling in, while being alert, outside the place of worship. He goes where the slippers are kept and strolls out wearing them. The barefooted thief can be easily spotted through the CCTV footage.

Self-driving slippers
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After receiving the call, the Bunder Police respond immediately and later the cops trace the thief through the surveillance camera. The incident happened outside Shree Sharavu Temple Hall in Mangalore on Tuesday.

Troian Bellisario shares the sneak peek of the slippers, which were provided at the royal wedding
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Has it happened before?

Perhaps taking human rights far too seriously, a nine-year-old boy in UP's Hapur called the cops after he was 'forced' to take bath in harsh winters by his parents. The incident happened this year, during the peak winter month of January. That's not it. The boy also protested against being denied a stylish haircut of his choice by the parents. The incident garnered a lot of amused reactions on social media. The police, reportedly, pacified the young boy.

Back in 2017, on the complaint of a teacher, police interrogated and allegedly beat up Class VIII students in Ajmer. The students of government model school were detained when the teacher complained that she left her two mobile phones and wallet in the classroom and on returning, found them stolen. The incident created a ruckus, with parents protesting the behavior of school authorities and the police.