Mangalorean crab curry
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The pandemic has made everybody apprehensive of ordering food from outside. Still, nobody can deny they miss having those cheat days and those opportunities to call it a day on cooking. Bringing back some of that magic, in Bengaluru, Ankit Vengurlekar introduced residents of HSR Layout to a new initiative.

His cook, Saroj Didi is now cooking up local delicacies at affordable rates, open for delivery. Amazingly, 2kgs of the preparations sold out within hours on Friday.

Saroj Didi's kitchen opens

On Friday, Ankit Vengurlekar put up a post in the afternoon about a crab curry up for sale. A few hours later, 2kgs were sold on the first outing. The crab curry was sold at Rs 300 a portion and would be delivered by Dunzo. Twitter helped get the word of mouth going.

What this proves, is that people are still missing some of that Friday take-out, something to lend a good start to the weekend. Especially in these times of COVID-19 when ordering food and going out to eat are become less than a norm. Everybody wants food they can trust. 

Interestingly, the 47-year-old woman by the name Saroj has been cooking for a while and was previously running a food joint in Mangamannapalya, in Bengaluru. When her husband passed away she shut down the business to look after her kids. Moreover, she's wanted to start her business of home-cooked food for a while, Vengurlekar shared in his thread of tweets. 

Ankit Vengurlekar tweets
Saroj Didi has wanted to start a food business for a while@ankitv on Twitter
Ankit Vengurlekar tweet
Saroj Didi's array of dishes@ankitv on Twitter

It's never too late to turn entrepreneur. Moreover, she might be selling a second batch tomorrow. In this new normal, we all need something to remind us everything isn't yet lost, including hope.