man disguised in burka
A man wearing burqa took an 11-year-old boy to the rooftop of the building to rape himYouTube/Screenshot

A man cross-dressed as a woman in a burqa and had lured an 11-year-old boy from his mosque in Abu Dhabi before raping and killing him. The accused is said to be a Pakistani worker known to the victim's family.

The boy, identified as Azan Majid Janjua, was taken from his mosque two weeks ago after the afternoon prayers and Quran recitation. The accused took Azan to the rooftop of the building to rape him.

"The accused told police he cross-dressed as a woman because he knew that the boy would not go with a man without permission from his parents," Major General Maktoum Al Sharifi, Director-General of Abu Dhabi Police told Gulf News.

Watch the CCTV footage below: 

A CCTV footage has now emerged that shows the man wearing a burqa and walking into a lift with the boy. After raping the boy, the accused strangled him with a rope. On May 31, the air-conditioning technicians found Azan's half-naked body with a Quran beside him.

"He was fasting and he went to the mosque for Asr prayers and Quran recitation and then went missing. I was shocked to know that AC technicians, who went to our building's rooftop to check a malfunctioning chiller, found his body there around 10am. His body was half-naked. His Quran was beside him," boy's father, Dr Majid Janjua said, according to The Sun.

The accused was arrested within 48 hours after the victim's body was found. Prosecutors had recorded his statement to make a charge sheet against him.

The victim's father is a Pakistani and his mother is a Russian, Gulf News reported. Azan had gone missing after he came back from the mosque. Some neighbours even saw him returning from the mosque.