After performing well during the opening week at the Kerala box office, Mammootty's latest Malayalam movie, "Kasaba," is all set to rock the Gulf countries, where the megastar enjoys a huge fan following. 

The makers have revealed that the Nithin Renji Panicker-directed movie will be released all over G.C.C. on July 28. The movie is expected to impress the megastar's U.A.E fans as the cop thriller has been garnering a tremendous response from his die-hard fans in Kerala.

The film, which narrates how CI Rajan Zacharia unveils the mystery behind the death of his superior officer's son and fiancée, is narrated against the backdrop of a police station and brothel. However, it has also invited negative response from a few movie-goers who say that the film shows the chauvinistic attitude of the hero, and degrades women. The Women Commission of Kerala is planning to take action against the Mammootty-starrer after many viewers have accused that the film is insulting to women with its sexist dialogues and one-liners laden with double meanings. Many have also accused the regional censor board for certifying "Kasaba" with 'U/A' allowing kids to watch it along with adults.  

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"Kasaba," which also stars Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Sampath, Neha Saxena, Jagadish, Alencier Ley and Siddique in key roles, is set to become one of the blockbusters of the year. It has already grossed more than Rs. 8 crore within six days of its release at the Kerala box office and has found the top spot among the Eid Malayalam releases of the year.

Meanwhile, the previous Mammootty-starrer, "Pathemari," which narrated the real-life stories of Keralites settled in Dubai, was well accepted by the U.A.E audience. It also won the prestigious National Film Award under the category of Best Feature Film in Malayalam.