Mamata Banerjee
TMC chief Mamata Banerjee has a go at BJP President Amit Shah.Reuters file

Following BJP president Amit Shah's snub at the hands of his own party regarding the terror angle on the Saradha funds controversy, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee took on Shah, and did so in no uncertain terms. Not mincing any words, Mamata said that the BJP chief was suffering the consequences for looking to find ways to harass others.

"...Shanti na thakle kono kichhu hoyna... nijera korte paaren-ni, jaara korchhe, sarakkhon taader pichhone ki kore bamboo deya jaaye, taar chinta kore berachhe... (Nothing is possible without peace... they could do nothing themselves, and are now all the time looking for ways to stick a bamboo up the backside of those who are trying to do something)," said the TMC chief while addressing a rally in the city of Jalpaiguri in North Bengal on Wednesday, reports The Indian Express.

"Bamboo jangal-e hoy, ghar-baari toiri-te kaaje laage. Aar jaane na, bamboo dite-dite bamboo jokhon taara kore na shobaike, tokhon je kothaye jaabe... raakhar jayega thaakbe na... (Bamboo grows in forests, and is used to build homes. But they don't know, when bamboo turns around and starts to chase people, no one knows where it might go...)," the West Bengal CM said.

Without naming Shah, she added, "keu-keu ektu beshi kotha bole felechhe (Some people have talked a bit too much)... I have no problems with people speaking, if they are speaking the truth. But speaking untruths [sic], lies... Just because I have a channel, I will say what I want, there has to be a limit to everything..."

Mamata's outburst came after Union Minister Jitendra Singh told Lok Sabha that investigators had found no evidence on Saradha money being used to fund terror activities.