Jasprit Bumrah
The picture Bumrah uploaded on his Twitter timelineTwitter

In a very short time, Jasprit Bumrah has established himself as the best limited-overs bowler in the world. His consistency and accuracy is unmatched and, at times, hard to believe. But Bumrah is also different in another way. While most cricketers in the present Indian team are quite glamorous and flamboyant, the boy from Gujarat is understated and goes about his work in a rather sober manner.

But in the last few days, reports have appeared in the media linking the right-arm pacer with South Indian actress Anupama Parameswaran. This was due to Bumrah suddenly following her on Twitter without according this distinction to any other damsel from the entertainment industry.

We don't know for sure whether Bumrah is aware of the rumours circulating in the media but he put out a tweet that has again sent people on social media speculating. This tweet contains a picture of him and a lady, with their arms over each other's shoulders and backs turned towards the camera, apparently walking in a hotel corridor. There is also a message which speaks of his close emotional bond with the lady. 

Jasprit Bumrah tweet
The tweet from BumrahTwitter

After this tweet was posted, followers of the 25-year old bowler started wondering who the lady is. A lot of people mentioned Anupama but opined that the lady in picture is not her. A large majority of people were sure that the person in picture with Jasprit is his mother, Mrs Daljeet Kaur.

This seems all the more likely because Bumrah has expressed his love for his mother before as well on this platform. On April 29 of this year, he put out a heartfelt message for her, on the occasion of her retirement and congratulated Mrs Kaur on completing a successful career as a teacher and principal.

Jasprit Bumrah tweet
Jasprit Bumrah's tweet on the occassion of his mother's retirement.Twitter

At a time when the likes of Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan are regularly seen being cheered on by their wives in the stadium, it's good to see an Indian cricketer acknowledging his devotion to his mother.