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Director Gowtam Tinnanuri's Telugu movie Malli Raava, featuring actor Sumanth and actress Aakanksha Singh in the lead roles, has received positive review and rating from the audience.

Malli Raava is a romance drama and besides direction, Gowtam Tinnanuri has also written the story, screenplay and dialogues for the movie, which has been produced by Rahul Yadav Nakka. The movie is a clean family entertainer as it has received a U certificate from the censor board and has a runtime of two hours and eight minutes.

Malli Raava story: It is the love of Karthik and Anjali, who meet each other in three different phases of their life and experience three different stages of love - attraction, attachment and commitment, respectively. They develop a close bond in each phase, but they decide to part ways every time. The reason behind their separation forms the crux of the story.

Analysis: Malli Raava does not deal with a unique story, but the treatment of the subject has surely some freshness. The movie is high on emotional quotient and dragging in parts. But the director manages to engage and entertain you throughout the film. However, the second half is very good, say the viewers.

Performances: Sumanth and Aakanksha Singh have delivered good performances and the sparkling chemistry between the two is the main highlight of Malli Raava. Annapurna, Kadambari Kiran and others have also done justice to their roles and they are the assets of the film, say the audiences.

Technical: Malli Raava has decent production values and melodious songs, amazing background score and picturisation are the attractions on the technical front, say the movie goers.

Malli Raava movie review live updates: We bring you some audience verdict on the film. Continue to read viewers response.

Jalapathy Gudelli‏ @JalapathyG

#MalliRaava: In this so-called matured romantic drama, strangely spotlight is on teenage romance (flashback) and, like the plot, conflict is flimsy. Dead slow pace.

Survi‏ @PavanSurvi

Love stories are mostly emotional. They don't have to be senseless or out of the world to create a feel but they have to be highly sensitive to simple emotions that a couple go through. #MalliRaava has that sensitivity and freshness

AVAD‏ @avadsays

#MalliRaava is fresh, mature and subtle romantic drama which is realistic @iSumanth delivers career best performance #AkankshaSingh makes a striking debut. Music is good. Loved the ending.. Director Gowtam Tinnanuri is a find.

Deepak‏ @KodelaDeepak

#MalliRaava too slow and artificial Comedy. Despite good music & romance, it is a below average - average affair on the whole. Could have been so so much better with a well knit screenplay. The back forth back Narration. 1999 2012 & 2017. This is too much to take and connect with and totally spoils the flow of the film. On paper it might have looked promising. But execution falters. #MalliRaava

Jagdhish Sukasi‏ @sukasi

Congratulations for a feel good movie, go watch it.screenplay, BGM and climax scenes deserves credit. #MalliRaava @iSumanth @Blueskycinemas US audience will love it and it should be evident in weekend collections. Super Hit!!!

Abhinay AnanthU‏ @Abhi_Ananthu

A Very Clean,Decent and Pure Love Story #MalliRaava.. A Big hit in your Kitty after Satyam @iSumanth. Songs are Just Fabulous. Cool Looking @aakanksha_s30. #GowthamTinnanuri You did a Magic Brother..

kalyanam.bhargavaram‏ @bhargavaram9999

#MalliRaava had great fun watching the movie. Good comedy and smooth flow made the movie great. Loved screenlay and dialogues. Great work by the team

Surya Teja Myneni‏ @Surya_Myneni

#MalliRaava mesmerizing story #hearttouching #dialogues @iSumanth took back to #satyam #godavari days!! #perfection #goodcomeback @aakanksha_s30 fell in love with you #fidaaa #heartfelt #ending

14‏ @shasha1495

Lovely first half #MalliRaava :) :) so far manchi songs, light hearted comedy looks like sure shot hit !!! #MalliRaava simple yet beautiful!Easily one of D best movies of 2017(IMO) :)the way director presented 3 parallel stories on the screen by giving that sensible touch @iSumanth as Karthik is brilliant n the debutant @aakanksha_s30 is gonna stay here such a Flawless actwatch it A surprise package ! In the hospital scene, you were too good especially when you ask Karthik to give back the cards and the following scene way to go!! Such a feel good movie after a long time and the best part is dir ended movie on a good note without dragging ! Indeed a beautiful ending !!! Loved it totally ❤️

Chakradhar locherla‏ @chai_chakri

#MalliRaava it's a beauty. Sumanth garu make it prove again Akkineni's r the brand for pain,love,tragedy. Anr lives on these kind of films

Sai Charan Sistla‏ @CharanSistla

Interval. Woow. In love with narration of the movie.. Manchi Music, Manchi Visuals Screenplay is smooth yet classy Lead pair @iSumanth & @aakanksha_s30 are #MalliRaava

Manoj‏ @manojvalluri

One song made me to watch the movie #MalliRaava #FDFS @iSumanth & @aakanksha_s30 looking very dapper Done with the first half. Chala manchi cinema chusthunna feel vacchindi.. BGM is the soul of the movie Wonderful Screenplay Very well written n beautiful simple film #MalliRaava A complete feel gud movie #MalliRaava BGM took movie to the next level #Gowtham bro I never seen such a wonderful Screenplay in telugu cinemaLoved to the core.Beautiful writing n direction. @iSumanth n @aakanksha_s30 lived in their rolesEverything is perfectDon'tMiss It

SavyaSachi™‏ @Mohith1918

Interval Wow.In love with narration of the movie Manchi Music,Manchi Visualsclassy Lead pair @iSumanth & @aakanksha_s30 #MalliRaava. #MalliRaava: Breezy romantic drama..!!! don't miss do watch. @iSumanth anna anna keka film Andaru choodagga cinema. #MalliRaava simple yet beautiful Easily one of D best movies of 2017.director presented 3 parallel stories giving sensible touch @iSumanth

Hemanth Kumar CR‏ @crhemanth

Just watched a private screening of #MalliRaava. I guess I'm allowed to say it is @iSumanth's best till date. And @aakanksha_s30 is amazing in the film. Very well written and such a beautiful, simple film about love and longing. More on this soon. Go watch it! :-) Watched #MalliRaava again much as the first half's narrative brought up mixed feelings...there's an inherent goodness about the whole film that stayed with me. Sometimes, not saying anything might be the toughest thing to do. Watch it :-)

Sindhu‏ @sindhu1429

@iSumanth just watched US premier show.genuinely such a nice movie.loved the screenplay. office episodes were hilarious.wats the spelling of LUNA.#MalliRaava @iSumanth wats the great part was every age group(especially softwares) will connect to it.I can see the heart and soul u guys had put into..very nice screenplay.@aakanksha_s30 #MalliRaava

Koduri‏ @koduri526

Just completed my show in DC cinemas Virginia #MalliRaava is below avg film. Not much story in the movie Screenplay and comedy good. 1st half ok time pass but problem is with 2nd half with no story and slow pace its tests your patience. Climax also a big let down.

Rajesh Manne‏ @rajeshmanne1

#MalliRaava Raava It's A Romantic Drama With Impressive Screen Play... #Goutham Screen Play & #Sravan Music were highlights of the Film

Mirchi RJ Sameer‏ @MirchiRJSameer

Main udna chahta hoon, daudna chahta hoon, girna bhi chahta hoon ... bus rukna nahi chahta. That's the dialogue I got reminded after watching @iSumanth in #MalliRaava he's had it this time a heart warming film* This simple modest person will go a long way! @gowtam19 should I thank you for the film or curse you for bringing back the memories I've desperately tried keeping under the lid for so long!! #MalliRaava

Sreedhar Sri‏ @SreedharSri4u

#MalliRaava: Breezy romantic drama..!!! don't miss do watch.

Sahithya‏ @Asahithya

yes true story. #Malliraava what a beautiful film. The storytelling, performances and that title track . Go watch it - in the theatres now!

AK @IamanandkumarG

Super hit reports for #mallirava , Excellent 1st half , very good 2nd half @iSumanth Many congratulations !!

Watch Malli Raava official trailer here

PavanKumar Mannem‏ @mpk1988

#MalliRaava is so pure and matured content on whole with clean comedy along with the great background music. A must watch film. I felt that Intermission is the only Interruption for the film #MalliRaava.. It's tough to narrate a story so grippingly in nonlinear fashion. #GowthamTinnanuri has succeeded in it. Soothing music, clean comedy, childhood scenes everything is very good.. A must watch movie..


#MalliRaava a very strong Comeback for @iSumanth ...BreezyLoveStory Connected a lot in SecondHalf .....

Princegopal‏ @gopalprince45

@iSumanth Just now watched the movie sir Really Come Back Film What a love story and Especially Screen play Superb Sir No Words To say And Akanksha Acting Superb u to Congrats For block buster Film #MalliRaava

Abhiram‏ @abhi_ram

#MalliRaava @iSumanth is back on track. It is slow but it is good. Show some appetite for the drama and you have an entertainer at your service.

Bhargav manikantha‏ @bhargav3064

#MalliRaava is a different kinda love story @iSumanth you were great bro loved the movie✌

Dheeraj Babu ✍‏ @DheerajBabuP

Simple, Emotional & Fresh Been a long time watched a Sensible Love Story in Telugu #MalliRaava Reminds you Your School Days, Friendship & Friends watch it Definitely for some good old memories to cherish @iSumanth was decent Kudos to #Goutham for the Amazing Script

Vamsidhar‏ @ivamsidhar

Movies come and go but Only a few will leave a mark on soul forever #MalliRaava is one of them. Congrats @iSumanth & @aakanksha_s30 and team Movie ki Malli vasta. Will watch it again and again and again... I sincerely pray that #MalliRaava movie gets THE BEST SCREENPLAY award in every film function. Creative, magical and touching. Goutam bhayya you're great

Joel Jayakar‏ @JoelJayakarOffl

#MalliRaava For the first time this year, I feel watching a film again and again! Fresh and heartwarming. Can fall in love again and again! @isumanth #AkankshaSingh Loved the screenplay, BGM and ofcourse the dialogues. One of the best films in Telugu.