Representational image (Credit: Reuters)
Representational image (Credit: Reuters)Reuters

Putri Salbiah Megat Razalli, a popular Malaysian actress of the 80s, was charged with four counts of fraud and cheating in a land dealing case.

The actress is reported to have cheated a lawyer, Ng Miow Hia, by falsifying the identity of two persons as the owner of four plots in Jasin district, in the state of Malacca, Malaysia.

She duped Ng Miow over a meeting of the land purchase deal by presenting impersonators Maajis Senan and Yang Azizah Mohamed Yaacob as the original land owners Ahmad SK Duis and Sipah Duis at a fast-food restaurant in April, 2010.

Another meeting between the accused and the victim took place the same year in June at the same restaurant regarding the deal.

The former actress has been booked under four offences under Section 419 of the Malaysian Penal Code and if convicted she could face seven years in jail, be fined or both.

Other than duping, she also faces two counts of forging identity cards of her partners in crime - Maajis Senan, 69, and Yang Azizah Mohamed Yaacob, 72, as the owners Ahmad and Sipah.

The identity card forgery is considered an offence under the National Registration Rules 1990 (Amendment 2007)'s Rule 25(1) (j) which carrys a maximum three year jail term or a fine amounting to RM20,000 or both, if found guilty.

Putri Salibah who has films like "Ranjau Sepanjang Jalan" (1983) and "Black Widow Wajah Ayu" (1995) to her credit, has denied all charges and claimed a trial for proving her state in the case.

Kevin Morais, Deputy public prosecutor of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) said, "The accused did not cooperate with the authorities throughout the investigation of the case," reported news agencies.

Morais proposed that Putri Salibah's bail be set at RM5,000 for each charge.

The actress' defence lawyer Mohd Sharullah Khan Nawab Zadah Khan pleaded before the judge that his client's bail be set at RM10, 000 inclusive of all charges and gave an excuse about his client's ailing father in Brunei.

The actress was eventually granted bail after a payment of RM24,000 in one surety for all the changes and the surrender of her passport.

The court set the next hearing for the case for 16 August.