A screenshot of the controversial Dog video insulting Islam
A screenshot of the controversial Dog video insulting IslamYoutube

In a second consecutive incident in less than a week, a video of a dog trainer insulting Islam and the holy occasion of Eid-al-Fitr, has resurfaced online creating uproar from ministers and commoners alike in Malaysia.

Just as the furore over the mischievous pranks of sex bloggers Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee's controversial photo appeared to have died down, another video clip from dog trainer Maznah Mohd Yusof aka Chetz Togom drew ire over his insensitive and hurtful religious content.

The video-clip titled 'Video Menghina Islam 1 Hari di Hari Raya' shows the trainer along with her dogs near a Mosque with the holy prayer 'Takbir Raya' playing in the background.

The next scene has the trainer cleaning up (ablution process) the canines and feeding them cookies on the occasion of first day of the break-the-fast feast.

The one-minute, 45-second long video leaked on You Tube on 29 July has received over 41 thousand views and has gone viral. Most Muslim viewers have slammed the video and Chetz for disrespecting the religion by trivialising the blessed occasion.

Amongst her detractors was a Muslim cleric who according to Chetz, reached her house and assaulted her. He had to be restrained by police who were present at the scene.

"The police were in my house over the report I made when the Imam arrived, and stood outside my gate shouting at me," Chetz told The Star on Tuesday.

"I'm surprised that an imam can act like this," she added.

The dog lover had registered a complaint with the police after being threatened by social media users over the controversial video clip.

She hit out at her detractors saying that the video, which was made three years ago, was not an attempt at insulting Islam or Muslims.

 "I have no intention to demean Islam; I had begun making the video just for fun but later decided to 'educate' outsiders on dogs and cleanliness," said the 38-year-old as quoted by Mynewshub.com.

To a Facebook user, who condemned her mocking video clip she replied, "Your religion is my religion. It's not my responsibility if you misinterpret the message I tried to spread in that video."

The blasphemous attempt did not go unnoticed by Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin as he expressed concern on the continuing tirades aimed at Muslims in the holy occasion.

"After the Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee's YouTube posting, another disturbing video clip has cropped up. This should not have had happened and it reflects the insensitivity of some quarters and the lack of understanding on the importance of upholding the peace and harmony we are enjoying now," the minister said on Tuesday, reported New Strait Times.

"Is this a manifestation of the assumption by some quarters that we (Muslims) are weak and that they could walk all over us? Or that we are afraid to react when others insult the sanctity of Islam? Could they be simply ignorant and not understand the values of faith?" the enraged minister questioned adding, "No Muslim has made fun of other faiths."

The minister called for emergency action and concluded that such sacrilegious acts were harmful for a multi-religious and multi-ethnic country like Malaysia.