As the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) can be seen in all courses of human life, a majority of Britishers still believe that the rise in technology, especially in the decision-making process will do more harm than good. Surprisingly, the new survey revealed that 44 percent aof the people who took part in the survey do not properly understand how artificial intelligence tools work.

Will AI cause doom?

According to the new survey, three people out of five are pretty much concerned by the idea of AI systems being able to function without any kind of human assistance. The number of skeptics who are doubtful regarding the destructive capabilities of AI drastically increases among people aged above 55.

Artificial Intelligence
AI is just as biased, if not more based than its creatorsCarl Court/Getty Images

57 percent of the participants believe that artificial intelligence is basically a flawed system, as it does not have the capability to apply human emotions while doing the decision-making process. 69 percent of the participants strongly argue that a human brain should always monitor the activities of an artificial-intelligent system to make it function properly.

"There is still a significant knowledge gap when it comes to people's general awareness and understanding of artificial intelligence. As a result, many people are naturally apprehensive about giving up certain decision-making powers to machines. There is a certain level of unproven mistrust towards AI, and one can argue this is a result of how it is typically portrayed in films and books," Nikolas Kairinos, founder of, which commissioned the survey, told

However, Kairinos revealed that artificial intelligence has already become a crucial part of human lives. According to Kairinos, skeptics will understand the advantages offered by AI in the future, including the technology's ability to inform better decision making.

Will AI make humans an endangered species?

A few months back, SpaceX founder Elon Musk had shockingly claimed that robots powered with artificial intelligence could make humans an endangered species. Citing the examples of various species that were driven to isolated corners of the earth when humans gained dominance on the planet, Musk argued that artificial intelligence is a system that should be strictly regulated.

"When a species of primate, homo sapiens, became much smarter than other primates, it pushed all the other ones into a very small habitat... So there are very few mountain gorillas and orangutans and chimpanzees," said Elon Musk.