It is said that a crisis can bring out the best of humanity. However, it can also do the opposite and in once such case, a domestic help was thrown out by a Delhi family on Wednesday night. She sat on a road, distressed and crying with nowhere to go. The family in Delhi's posh Defence Colony had hired domestic help, days after being tested positive for coronavirus. A few days later, their domestic help also tested positive for the virus.

Delhi Defence Colony Coroanvirus family domestic help
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What happened next was worse. After being thrown out in the middle of the night, the woman sat on-road and pleaded the family to take her back but her appeal fell on deaf ears. Soon, guards and some other workers gathered around her and asked her to calm down. Someone from the crowd called an ambulance but they allegedly refused to help. Then the police were called but they too didn't help.

Police told her to go home

The Delhi Police reportedly told the woman to go home, saying they will look into the issue the next morning. Her story not only shows the cruelty of the family who hired her and then left to die on the road in the middle of the night. It also shows the negligence of authorities since she had tested coronavirus positive and instead of taking her to hospital, she was asked to go home. In the meantime, several people, who came in her contact, were also exposed to the deadly COVID-19.

She was later taken in by one of the workers who had come to console her. The heartbreaking story was shared on Twitter by columnist Dushyant, who then called Abhinandita Das Mathur, advisor to the Delhi government. She promised to step in and help the woman.

Earlier on Thursday, the District Magistrate of the area too stepped in and asked health officials to take her to the hospital. The domestic help, who is a migrant worker (identity withheld), was finally admitted to the hospital for coronavirus treatment.