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Mahindra Two Wheelers has released the updated price list of its quarter-litre motorcycle the Mojo in India. The Mojo, which has been a part of the roads since last October, is now available in 26 markets across India.

The tourer, which comes powered by a 292cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine, can churn out 27bhp at 8,000rpm and 30Nm torque at 5,500rpm. The Mojo measures 2,100mm in length, 800mm in width and 1165.5mm in height. It competes with the likes of Kawasaki Ninja 300R, Honda CBR 250R/300R and KTM Duke Twins in India and comes with a fuel tank capacity of 21 litres.

Recently, Mahindra added a Tourer edition to the Mojo line-up. Mahindra Mojo Tourer edition comes with a wide range of accessories that include the magnetic tank bag with four rare-earth magnets to provide grip over the metal tank, saddle bag and carrier with a combined storage space of 38 litres and a fully adjustable mobile holder with a silicon band to ensure grip at high speeds.

Mahindra was earlier also rumoured to launch a more affordable version of the Mojo in India by cutting out some of its features like dual exhaust and upside-down forks.

City-wise prices of the Mojo and Mojo tourer edition (All prices ex-showroom)

Cities Mojo (Rs) Mojo tourer edition (Rs)
Vijayawada 1,75,900 1,94,880
Visakhapatnam 1,75,900 1,94,880
Guwahati 1,79,800 1,98,780
Chandigarh 1,72,300 1,91,280
Delhi 1,69,870 1,88,850
Goa 1,71,800 1,90,780
Ahmadabad 1,78,100 1,97,080
Gurgaon 1,72,400 1,91,380
Jammu 1,76,300 1,95,280
Bengaluru 1,74,800 1,93,780
Calicut 1,81,300 2,00,280
Cochin 1,81,300 2,00,280
Indore 1,81,420 2,00,400
Nagpur 1,73,330 1,92,310
Pune 1,73,330 1,92,310
Shillong 1,81,900 2,00,880
Pondicherry 1,74,900 1,93,880
Punjab 1,72,950 1,91,930
Jaipur 1,76,200 1,95,180
Madurai 1,77,900 1,96,880
Coimbatore 1,77,900 1,96,880
Chennai 1,77,900 1,96,880
Hyderabad 1,75,900 1,94,880
Lucknow 1,75,500 1,94,480
Siliguri 1,77,900 1,96,880
Kolkata 1,77,900 1,96,880