Mahika Sharma helps Assam flood victims
Mahika Sharma helps Assam flood victimsInstagram

Actress and Miss teen Northeast Assam, Mahika Sharma has come forward to help the victims of Assam flood. She paid Rs 5,000 to over 45 families and Rs 10,000 to 20 families across the state.

She has also requested government to first invest money to solve flood issue and then to make investment on Assam tourism.

"Assam people timely pay tax to the government so they can get a good living. Flood and assam has got a very close relationship. When kids celebrate summer vocations in other states, kids here fight for survival. It's very sad and emotional situation here. Party leaders and celebrities visit Assam during election for vote but none come to visit the place when they are in pain. I feel all of them should spend a day with them in such situation with no proper food, and then they will realise their pain. Assam flood should be declared national issue," Mahika Sharma said in her statement.

Expressing concern about the rich wildlife in the state, Mahika urged all her fans and followers to come forward to help the state in this adverse situation.

"Here we are unable to give proper living to citizens, who will care about plants and animals? Assam is popular for its one-horn Rihno, and other majestic animals. Even they are in danger. I request my fans friends to come ahead," she added.

Assam has been facing a terrible situation as already at least 47 people have died due to the floods, and almost 50 lakh people have been affected. While the state is trying hard to cope up with the situation, Akshay Kumar recently donated Rs 2 crore to help the victims.