Mahesh Kathi, Poonam Kaur and Pawan Kalyan
Mahesh Kathi, Poonam Kaur and Pawan KalyanCollage of photos taken from Facebook and Twitter

Film activist Mahesh Kathi shot six questions at budding actress Poonam Kaur Lal after she defended power star Pawan Kalyan on Twitter.

On Sunday, January 7, Mahesh Kathi visited the Somajiguda Press Club and addressed the media. Before calling the press meet, he challenged Pawan Kalyan and Poonam Kaur for an open debate. 

He said that he is expecting the power star's response to the mental abuse caused to him by his fans. Meanwhile, he also asked Poonam Kaur six questions.

Here are the six questions of Mahesh Kathi to Poonam Kaur:

1. With whose help were you appointed as the Handlooms brand ambassador for AP?

2. Why did you perform puja along with Pawan Kalyan under the same Gothram (clan)?

3. You attempted suicide with a feeling that Pawan Kalyan cheated on you. You were admitted in a hospital then. Who saved you? What is the hospital name? Who paid your hospital bills?

4. What promise did Pawan Kalyan make to your mother?

5. Why do you have anger towards director Trivikram Srinivas?

6. When Trivikram and Pawan Kalyan are performing a Kshudra Puja, what were you doing there?

Meanwhile, Pawan Kalyan's fans have been cyberbullying Mahesh Kathi for more than two months after he criticised the actor's political life. Though Mahesh had always expressed his opinions on current politics in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, an increased popularity after participating in Bigg Boss show, brought him under the radar of Pawan Kalyan fans.

Recently, Poonam Kaur took a dig at him on Twitter without mentioning his name. In a series of comments, she called him a beggar, unemployed, fat and ugly.

Check out her tweets:

"Beggarsrbetter than people who rmaking money outta criticising others,okeyy suthi,change the man or the topic,I am bored 2c the same fatso!" sic

"Employment problems...papam...contribute trps it's a way of donating guys4 some1s ill health actually should pay4 weight reduction programme"

"One fatso got stuck in a pothole,it's like I want the chief minister to pick n save me as he gave permission to lay it funny fatso"

"don't tell mecommenting onbeing fat is personal,M worried abtmillions watchinngetting inspired,concerned aboutJanam physical nmental health!"

"Figure out the difference between a mans higher purpose and ulterior motive , staying in the pot hole coz u being paid is ulterior motive"

Mahesh Kathi responded to her tweets and challenged her to confront him in the open. He tweeted, "@poonamkaurlal and @PawanKalyan tomorrow at 11am, I will be at Somajiguda press club. If you are daring enough, come and confront me in open."