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In the last five decades, Mahesh Bhatt's personal life has made as much buzz as his professional life. Ironically, some of his biggest hits portray the same strained equations and dysfunctional families, which he claims to have in real life. Mahesh Bhatt is a loving dad to all his three daughters. But, when it comes to his son, Rahul Bhatt, things have not always been rosy and beautiful.

The father and son duo had a strained relationship for several years in a row. Even though are all good and happy in the Bhatt family now, there was a time when the father-son duo didn't even see eye-to-eye. Let's take a look at what went wrong between the two back then.

Rahul Bhatt, Alia Bhatt, Mahesh Bhatt and Pooja Bhatt

Mahesh Bhatt and his first wife, Lorraine Bright's romance was nothing less than what we had seen in the movies. It was passionate, fiery and uninhibited. So when the two tied-the-knot, no one could have expected a fall-out ever. However, Bhatt got involved with Parveen Babi and soon cracks in his relationship with Kiran started widening. Bhatt left his home to be with Parveen and the kids, Pooja and Rahul, saw it all. They saw their mother's grief and pain. While Pooja somehow came to terms with it, Rahul couldn't, at least for a very long time.

Rahul Bhatt felt 'abandoned' by his father. It was when almost two decades later that Rahul got involved with David Headley that father Bhatt came to the rescue. Mahesh Bhatt, who also had two more little girls by now (Alia and Shaheen) and had aged a bit, was ready to give this 'fatherly' love to Rahul.

Rahul needed a strong pillar of support and Mahesh Bhatt was there for him this time. Through all the court cases and all the controversies. Slowly, the equation between the two started improving. Mahesh Bhatt even advised Rahul to channel all that anger towards getting a better version of himself. Rahul started working on himself and became a fitness coach.

And today, all the four Bhatt kids are together with their father, as strong as a closed fist.