Mahesh Babu in the song Boom Boom from Spyder
Mahesh Babu in the song Boom Boom from Spyder

The fans of superstar Mahesh Babu have accused anti-fans of spreading negative reviews on Spyder, which ended up collecting just average at the box office on its first day.

Mega, Nandamuri and Ghattimaneni families have contributed some of the most popular actors in the Telugu film industry and each of them have loyal fan-base. And the rivalry among the dedicated fans of these clans are deep rooted and bitter fights take place every now and then, especially when films featuring any of the actors from these families hit the screens.  Mahesh Babu's Spyder was released in theatres across the world on Wednesday morning and we are seeing a replay of the wars among the fans.

Spyder was premiered in North America and few other international markets on Tuesday and the movie had some benefit shows in the wee hours of Wednesday. After watching the film, many took to Twitter to share their reviews. While most of them seemed to be impressed with it, a few were not happy with the movie and described it as another disaster for Mahesh Babu after Brahmotsavam.

But these negative reviews on Spyder did not go down well with Mahesh Babu fans, who felt that it was an act of his haters.  They opined that those anti-fans are spreading negative reviews without  even watching Spyder. They requested film goers not to be misled by such reviews.

Here are some of their comments:

VARUN NAIDU‏ (@varun_sayz): #SPYder hash tag lo Mahesh fans tweets kante Ntr fans NEGATIVE tweets akuwa wunay  LABOUR FANS ane title ki  Justice chestunaru

Charan‏ (@Harysh_cherry): JLK team is playing Dirty and Cheap ...I still prefer Spyder over JLK ..#SPYder

Roshan‏ (@urstrulyroshan): Anti's are trying so hard to inject negativity,The sign of blockbuster !! Go watch and decide for yourselves #SPYder

Kicku (@its_Kickuuuuuuu): Don't Blv any fake or biased reviews Wait for my genuine 2rs Review #SPYder

Spyder and Jai Lava Kusa
Mahesh Babu in Spyder and Junior NTR in Jai Lava KusaTwitter

Krrissh Yadhu‏ (@KrrisshYadhu): U can't pull down one good cinema fame with ur stupid opinion. B'use we MB fans once decided, we never hear our own words #SPYder

Harrsha Anapiindi‏ (@sriharshaa6) #spyder The same tweet I've seen 3 times before, try copy pasting something new to incite your negative propaganda.

Murthy Garu‏ (@MurthyGaaruu): Maree intha darunam gaa negative talk spread chesthunaru brm ki kuda intha cheyaledhu if movie has some content this helps actually #spyder

However, Spyder made an average collection at the worldwide box office on the first day. The movie was partially affected by the mixed word of mouth, but it may not be right to blame it on Jr NTR fans, as a number of film goers and critics have also expressed negative views on the film.