Just days ago, a series of videos surfaced online, originating from the sets of "Guntur Karam." What makes these leaks particularly noteworthy is that they feature crucial scenes from the film, including Mahesh Babu fully adorned in character, preparing for a shot. Additionally, viewers caught a glimpse of a slow-motion sequence showcasing Mahesh Babu, adding to the intrigue surrounding the movie.

Guntur Kaaram
Guntur Kaaram

The unexpected leaks have sent shockwaves through the film's production team and the enthusiastic fan base. These unsolicited sneak peeks into vital segments of the movie threaten to undermine the carefully cultivated anticipation surrounding "Guntur Karam." With social media abuzz, the leaked videos are spreading like wildfire, heightening concerns about their potential to affect the film's success.

One possible explanation for the leaks lies in the film's extensive use of outdoor shooting locations. Controlling leaks in such open environments has always been a challenging task. However, given the magnitude of "Guntur Karam" as a high-budget project, it's now crucial for director Trivikram to implement stringent regulations and security measures on the shooting locations.

Trivikram Srinivas

As the release date of "Guntur Karam" draws nearer, the unexpected leaks from the shooting sets are a cause for genuine concern. While the leaked footage may have piqued the curiosity of eager fans, it's essential for the film's team to maintain control over the project's confidentiality to ensure that the audience can fully enjoy the cinematic experience when it finally hits the screens next Sankranthi.