An artist named Sriramoju Sunisith has made some shocking allegations against Ravi Teja, Mahesh Babu and Jr NTR, saying that he had started shooting for Balupu, 1: Nenokkadine and Nannaku Prematho, but the superstars snatched those films from him.

Sodhi star Sriramoju Sunisith has been trending on YouTube and other social media channels for the last few weeks. He has made some shocking charges against some big-wigs of Tollywood. He alleged that some actors and directors have cheated him and they have not released his movies in the cinema halls.

Sodhi star Sriramoju Sunisith
Sodhi star Sriramoju SunisithScreenshot of YouTube video

Sriramoju Sunisith claims that he was first selected for Ravi Teja starrer Balupu. In an interview with a popular YouTube Channel, he said, "I was selected through auditions and shot some scenes with Shruti Haasan for Balupu. After this, there was a gap and I received a call from Ravi Teja. He said that the movie is really good and he wanted to do the film."

The artiste claimed that he had shot the introductory scenes between hero and Shruti Haasan. He said, "Ravi Teja called and threatened me saying that he is a senior. I didn't accept and told him that I would not give up the film. He offered me Rs 50 lakh for it. I accepted it, thinking that he is a big star and might be desperate to star in it."

Ravi Teja at the media interaction
Ravi Teja at the media interactionTwitter

The Sodhi star also claimed that he had filed a case against Ravi Teja. He added, "He transferred Rs 45 lakh immediately and he did not give me remaining Rs 5 lakh. A week later, he took back Rs 35 lakh from me and I was left with only Rs 10 lakh. I filed a cheating case against him at the Banajara Hills police station."

The actor said that he was first selected to play the heroin in 1: Nenokkadine. He said, "Sukumar chose me through auditions for 1: Nenokkadine. I shot for the film before Mahesh Babu. I was the hero and I shot some scenes with Sukumar. Mahesh Babu called Sukumar and told him that he wanted to do the movie. The director was with me when this conversation was taking place. Later, he told me about it."

He added, "I first shot some scenes in the outskirts of Hyderabad. It was a chase sequence, where Mahesh Babu was seen riding Duke under the bridge. I also shot a fight scene in which Mahesh Babu fights imagining another person opposite him. I had also shot a beach scene with Kriti Sanon. When Sukumar told me about Mahesh, I agreed to give up the film. I had not done any agreement, as there will legal issues."

Mahesh Babu and Sukumar
Mahesh Babu and SukumarTwitter

Sriramoju Sunisith said that he had no issues with Mahesh Babu, as he did not snatch the project from him. It was Sukumar, who cheated him, and he had filed a complaint against the director. But he assured to do his next project with him. The director started working him in the movie, which was later titled Nannaku Prematho.

The actor also claimed that he had shot a song at a studio on the outskirts of Hyderabad. He said," I shot the song Love me again with Rakul Preet Singh. Sukumar had sent a dance master for a week. By the time I learned to dance from him, S Thaman had completed the composition of the song. I had shot the scene where Jr NTR is seen talking to Jagapathi Babu."

Director Sukumar with Junior NTR
Director Sukumar with Junior NTRFacebook

Sriramoju Sunisith added, "After this, Sukumar had a discussion with his assistant directors. Nannaku Prematho is a wonderful script, which would definitely become hit. They might have thought I might not do justice to the story. They replaced me with Junior NTR. I got remuneration for the song that I had shot already. I did not have a fight over this issue."

Sriramoju Sunisith told, "Junior NTR learned about this development through social media. He came to my house. He asked me whether I was the hero of the film. I said that I was selected through auditions. Later, he said that I will be the hero of the film and he will not me, as he will get other offers."