In a bid to fight against the rising coronavirus cases, Maharashtra's Osmanabad Police have launched a group of 8000 volunteers called the Anti-Corona Corps (ACC), which is working along with the police force to battle the pandemic in the worst-hit state in the country.

Over 8000 ACC corona warriors, covering 749 villages are working under the guidance of Osmanabad SP Raj Tilak Roushan, IPS. The ACC came into force to not only strengthen the battle against corona and increase manpower but also to support the police team in containing the coronavirus spread in the area

Osmanabad district which belongs to Maharashtra's Marathwada has recorded 264 cases among which 186 have recovered. 12 deaths are reported so far. 

Anti Corona Corps: Ultimate game-changer for Osmanabad


According to the police officials, this initiative can be called an ultimate game-changer for Osmanabad as the volunteers have proved to contain coronavirus spread in the area. They have been very useful for effective containment of secondary infection spread because of timely reporting, quarantining, and medical testing

Having said that, these 8000 ACC volunteers are in the frontline to fight the pandemic, what are the safety measures provided for them? 

The Osmanabad Police have provided each of the ACC volunteers with i-cards, masks, sanitisers, T-shirts, whistles, mosquito repellant and immunity boosters like vitamin-C tablets. The Police also interacts, motivates them regularly keeping a tab of their well being. 


ACC has been instrumental in keeping Osmanabad safe along with police during Covid-19 times by contributing in the following ways:

  1. Keeping watch over enforcement of basic safety norms by people in villages like wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, avoiding crowding, etc.
  2. Ensuring that there are no hidden intrusions in villages.
  3. Prevention of secondary or community transmission in villages.
  4. Augmenting manpower at check-posts
  5. Any new arrival from outside is checked at the village boundary.
  6. New arrivals are immediately quarantined and police are informed-
  7. Keeping watch over quarantined people.
  8. Acting as a fluid link between people and police.
  9. Providing timely inputs from ground level to police
  10. Arousing a sense of self-responsibility and self-compliance amongst common people at the ground level which is the key in the fight against covid19 which at times turns out to be instrumental in preventing mishaps related to corona.

With a spike of more than 5,134 cases in just one day, Maharashtra remains the worst-hit state with cases reaching up to 2,11,987 and 9,250 casualties so far, of which 224 occurred in the last 24 hours.  Osmanabad shares borders with two districts of Karnataka's Kalaburagi and Bidar as well as four other districts of Maharashtra.