Director Maruthi Dasari's Telugu movie Mahanubhavudu, featuring Sharwanand and Mehreen Pirzada in the lead roles, has received positive reviews and ratings from the audience.

Mahanubhavudu is a romantic action comedy film and Maruthi Dasari has penned the story, screenplay and dialogues. It is produced by Pramod and V Vamsi Krishna Reddy under the banner UV Creations. The film has received a U/A certificate from the censor board and has a runtime of 2 hours 31 minutes.

Mahanubhavudu revolves around the story of Anand (Sharwanand), who suffers from an obsessive-compulsive disorder and is heavily focused towards cleanliness, hygiene and discipline. He falls in love with his colleague (Mehreen Pirzada), who also loves cleanliness.

Maruthi Dasari has written an interesting screenplay for Mahanubhavudu, which may not have fresh a story, but is entertaining. A fresh concept, lead pair's chemistry and comedy scenes keep you entertained in the first half. The second half is also equally entertaining, say the viewers.

Sharwanand has delivered brilliant performance and his comedy timing and action are the highlights of Mahanubhavudu. Mehreen Pirzada looks glamourous and her chemistry with hero is a treat to watch on screen. Vennela Kishore, Nassar and Raghu Babu have also done justice to their roles and are the assets of the film, say the film goers.

Mahanubhavudu has rich production values. S Thaman's songs and background score, beautiful locales, Nizar Shafi's picturisation and punch lines are the attractions on the technical front, say movie buffs.

Here are the live updates of Mahanubhavudu movie review and rating by audience:

యతి ™‏ @ursyathi

Excellent 1st half #MahanuBhavudu Fun ride from @DirectorMaruthi , hilarious 2nd half. good going as of now #MahanuBhavudu. Sarwa did excellent job. @MusicThaman bgm & songs , finally watch clean family entertainer with family for this Dasara #MahanuBhavudu

Sandeep‏ @SandeepSpeakz

Done with first half of #Mahanubhavudu . So far impressive. @DirectorMaruthi's attention to minute detail #Sharwanand & @Mehreenpirzada Mahanubhavudu is refreshingly vry good. Kudos to @DirectorMaruthi .What a show #Sharwanand @Mehreenpirzada.Gr8 music & BGM by @MusicThaman

Venkyreviews‏ @venkyreviews

#Mahanubhavudu Decent 1st half. Clean and decently entertaining so far. Only negatives are some routine scenes and song placement #Mahanubhavudu Decent 2nd half as well. AbvAvg to Hit movie! Comedy worked well but too many routine scenes. Easy one time watch

USA Telugumovie‏ @Sanjay123999

#Mahanubhavudu- 3.5/5 Hit bomma Plus: Comedy++ Lovetrack++ Songs++++ Lead pair++ Minus: Somewhat predictable... #jailavakusa# Spyder

Sreeharsha‏ @harshagudavalli

#Mahanubhavudu done with premier. A decent movie with some good humour but not on par with nani's BBM

Atlanta Abbayi‏ @AtlantaAbbayi

#Mahanubhavudu - Very Good Entertainer. Sharwa is excellent & @Mehreenpirzada - definitely going to win many hearts with this film. (3.25/5) #Mahanubhavudu joins the list (Kick, Vaishali,Dookudu,RaceGurram) of @MusicThaman 's amazing work. Please continue the same. No more drums.

Siva Cherry @sivacherry9

#Mahanubhavudu 1st half over Fantastic clean fun,seems @DirectorMaruthi gonna score big once again wth festivals favourite #Sharwa #UV. #Mahanubhavudu a laugh riot and a perfect Entertainer in this Dussera Festive Season. Though first half is decent, second half is hilarious. Audience jumping from seats laughing. Hero Sharwanand performed tremendous as OCD patient. #Mahanubhavudu Heroine @Mehreenpirzada teases audience with her dazzling beauty and performance as well. #Mahanubhavudu. Sharwanand again proved that he is the perfect entertainer in any festival season. #Dussehra winner #Mahanubhavudu Top notch BGM and songs by @MusicThaman are major assets for #Mahanubhavudu

Vamsi Shekar PRO‏ @UrsVamsiShekar

Hilarious comedy timing of #Sharwanand #Mahanubhavudu #Sharwa's #Mahanubhavudu First Half Hilarious comedy with @DirectorMaruthi touch and exceptional music by @MusicThaman EDM of the year #KissMeBaby.... Amigo adhirindhi with Stylish dance moves by #Sharwanand .......#Mahanubhavudu

PawanKalyan Fan‏ @BleedPawanizm

Excellent movie. Super fun. Hero & heroine both are too good. Perfect movie for this festival. Loved it. Super hit. #Mahanubavudu 3.5/5.

Banga'Ram'‏ @InsideRam1

#Mahanubhavudu Good Romantic Comedy Entertainer @MusicThaman BGM mind blowing #Sharwanand @Mehreenpirzada looking looking beautiful❤️❤️ #DussehraSpecial #Mahanubhavudu is a decent entertainer @DirectorMaruthi he once again proves that he is really the king of comedy

Ganesh Ravuri‏ @ganeshravuri

#Mahanubhavudu is predictable, but fun. Offers some genuine laugh out loud moments. Maruthi is in his element and Sharwanand in top form

Manoj‏ @manojvalluri

Good first half.. +ve's~ BGM Cinematography Rich visuals OCD #Mahanubhavudu

HARI KIRAN‏ @harikiranroyal

#Mahanubhavudu - Too Good 1st half. Interesting story with Typical @DirectorMaruthi 's Touch. Brilliant BGM by @MusicThaman

RICKY‏ @RVchowdary14

Just now watched #Mahanubhavudu! Sharwanand acting superb ❤️.Comedy .. And my darling sweet apple @Mehreenpirzada phenomenal

kishore Nanda‏ @kishore_rithwik

#Mahanubhavudu- 3.5/5 Hit bomma Plus: Comedy++ Lovetrack++ Songs++++ Lead pair++ Minus: Somewhat predictable... @MusicThaman rocking

Viswanth‏ @viswanth183

#Mahanubhavudu what a refreshing movie. sharwanand entertains in as usual role. Manchi cinema amma Pandaga ki Finally #WINNER. .@Mehreenpirzada You were wonderful as Meghana and looking beautiful . @vennelakishore As usual Sharwa Anna tho patu Nuvvu manchiga entertain chesav Anna Mamlani nee timing super

Sathvik @SathvikM9999

Excellent 1st Half..Sharwa Kummesadu Interval Bang #Mahanubhavudu Good 2nd Half,Unlimited Fun. Watch It #Mahhanubhavudu @MusicThaman BGM,Songs And @UV_Creations Production Values Super #Mahanubhavudu

Shreyas Sriniwaas‏ @shreyasmedia

#Sharwa's #Mahanubhavudu First Half Hilarious comedy with @DirectorMaruthi touch and exceptional music by @MusicThaman @UV_Creations #Mahanubhavudu another clean entertainer from @DirectorMaruthi congrats #Sharwa @UV_Creations @MusicThaman and the producer @SKNonline

Bossu‏ @ursmahe_p

Good 1st half Second half average climax poor overall Above Avg 3.25/5 @SKNonline @DirectorMaruthi #Mahanubhavudu

KP‏ @isatruelover

Good first half.. maruthi gadu entertainment tho iragadeesing. Interval block lo sarwaa performance kummesadu. Bro bgm songs kanna super. Titles apudu whistle tho vachina theme music upload cheyandi plzz @MusicThaman. Maruti .. comedy and emotion sarigga mix chestunnadu ..Perfect entertainment istunnadu #BBM #Mahanubhavudu. Super hittu bomma

Raghu varan‏ @AnabathulaR

Saw #Mahanubhavudu & enjoyed it. Yet another hit for @DirectorMaruthi. Congrats #Sharwanand, @MusicThaman @Mehreenpirzada & UV Creations. More dose of comedy in the 2ndhalf too.. #sharwa rachaha.. @Mehreenpirzada rachasya @MusicThaman rachobyaha #Mahanubhavudu

Sushanth‏ @Sushanth1605

High dose of comedy #Mahanubhavudu love the2 nd half #sharwand acting superb @MusicThaman bgm super fan of uu

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Saatwik‏ @Saatwik_G

Enjoyed #Mahanubhavudu. very good enternainer. Super comedy from sharvanand and @vennelakishore bhayya rocked as usual

Aawara‏ @imVkohl1

@MusicThaman's BGM, Sharwa's acting in pre interval scene and @Mehreenpirzada's glamor stands out, Good 1st half #Mahanubhavudu


Shekar‏ @ShekarNews

Average fair, a routine director a routine entertainer. we can't expect an inception from Maruthi. #Mahanubhavudu

10.01.18‏ @sharankalyan424

#Mahanubhavudu HITTU BOMMA ... S S THAMAN PRANAM PETTESADU RR ki Locationssharwa pandakki vasthe WINNER aypothadu .. #DusseraWinner

Lakshmikara Reddy‏ @lakshmikara

Just watched #Mahanubhavudu simple ,nice movie ,Kishore @vennelakishore nice you Rocked in full length role ,Sharva as usually best perfor

Mallika Mylavarapu‏ @iam_mallika

#Mahanubhavudu a CLEAN entertainer! The duo #sharwanand and @vennelakishore take comedy to next level. So real and fresh! #Mahanubhavudu @DirectorMaruthi hits jackpot again. @Mehreenpirzada does a great job and looks pretty #Mahanubhavudu enjoyed every bit of the movie! #sharwanand a big fan of yours. @vennelakishore siiirrr meeru

Nikhil Kumar‏ @nikvenk

@Mehreenpirzada appears cute in this movie. Her action and expressions are Awesome. Looks gorgeous especially in songs #Mahanubhavudu @vennelakishore has carried the entertainment all along the movie. Overall presence is one of the biggest pluses for #Mahanubhavudu @MusicThaman Gave Top notch BGM and songs are already super hit, while watching on big screen they look soo beauitful #Mahanubhavudu #Mahanubhavudu is Excellent, Clean, Fun and the concept of OCD is Superb. Perfect movie for this festival 4/5 #sharwanand