Arya in Magamuni
Arya and Indhuja Ravichandran in Magamuni.PR Handout

Eight years after critically-acclaimed movie Mouna Guru, director Santhakumar is back with Magamuni. He has teamed up with Arya, who will be seen in two characters in the flick. Indhuja Ravichandran and Mahima Nambiar play the female leads in KE Gnanavelraja-produced movie, which has S Thaman's music, Arun Bathmanaban's cinematography and VJ Sabu Joseph's editing.

The story revolves around two characters Maga and Muni, both enacted by Arya. The former is a taxi driver and works for a wicked politician Muthuraj (Ilavarasu). He does the odds jobs for his master and basically gives plans when it comes to eliminating his enemies.

His world is his wife Viji (Indhuja) and his son. Despite getting his hands dirty in crimes, he loves his family very much, while trying to be a good husband and father.

On the other side, Muni, true to his name, is an educated organic farmer who imbibes Swami Vivekananda's philosophies in life. He wants to be a single till he comes across a journalism student named Deepa (Mahima Nambiar). Being the daughter of a rich man, their relationship meets opposition from her family.

At some stage, the two characters cross paths and what follow next is the interesting part of the story.

The makers had organised a special screening for the press and cinephiles from which it has garnered unanimous positive reviews. Critics have hailed the brilliant content backed by solid performances of Arya, Indhuja and Mahima along with others.

The writing is the best part of the movie, as per critics. The movie carries message combined with a lot of entertainment. Magamuni touches upon various topics that include corruption, casteism, social issues, greediness, politics and back-stabbing with a dose of life philosophy.

How the media and cinephilies, who had the privilege to watch the movie, before the audience, have responded to the film? Check it out in their comments below:

Sreedhar Pillai: #Magamuni A raw intense hard hitting revenge story from #Santhakumar with solid characterisation that keeps you guessing till the big reveal. Smart writing and fantastic performance by
@arya_offl makes it worthy.

Ramesh Bala: #Magamuni [4/5] : 8 years after #Mounaguru , Dir #Santhakumar has come up with another gem..
@arya_offl has done intense acting.. One of his career best performance..
How karma comes back to haunt one's life.. Spritual.. Intense.. Crime drama..
Vera Level Experience..
#Magamuni [4/5] : Dialogues are good.. Lot of complex themes are explained in a simple way..
@arya_offl has lived the role.. @Actress_Indhuja and @Mahima_Nambiar - Praiseworthy perf from both..
@MusicThaman BGM and songs.. Dir #Santhakumar and @arya_offl have a Winner!
#Magamuni 1st Half : Raw.. Intense.. Two Aryas.. Two different worlds..
Political.. Caste Background..
Spiritual.. @arya_offl is playing it in a subtle and nuanced way..
Pisirae illadha sketch, so far..

Sidhu: #Magamuni: @MusicThaman's work in the film deserves a big shout-out. He brings out a different shade of himself, making use of so many peculiar instruments in his orchestration. That one song is more than enough to prove his talent, impressive stuff throughout!
#Magamuni: Liked the way in which both the characters of
@Actress_Indhuja and @Mahima_Nambiar come into the story, they have a lot to do. Among the supporting actors, #Jayaprakash is really good. Watch out for one long scene ft. him and @arya_offl
Santhakumar sketches an enticing flowchart for his storyline, touching various topics such as spirituality, politics, thugs and the circle of life. The first half establishes the long list of characters while the second unties the knots. Some scenes are truly riveting!
Quite an engrossing watch. An increasingly intense drama that steadily builds up the tension and surprises you at a couple of places.
@arya_offl is solid in one of the best outings of his career, giving in a strong contribution to Santhakumar's gritty narrative.
Interval: Extremely serious drama that demands your fullest attention. Lots of characters being knit together through two parallel stories. #Santhakumar sets up a patient, layered narrative, led by
@arya_offl who is a great fit to the role!

Review Ram: #Magamuni - Halfway through...Dialogues are clap worthy. Moves on an unhurried pace. A drama that focusses only on its characters and plot without any deviations. Waiting for the second half to reveal the twisted knots neatly. @arya_offl's performance is so natural & impressive.

Haricharan Pudipeddi: #Magamuni works beautifully as a story of karma and redemption set against the backdrop of crime, politics and spirituality. #Santhakumar's storytelling is layered and makes for a very intense viewing.
@arya_offl reinvents himself in roles that'll stay with you for a while.
#Magamuni gives its leading ladies @Actress_Indhuja and @Mahima_Nambiar so much scope to perform and both are terrific in their respective roles.
@MusicThaman chips in with great background score, aptly haunting in some places.

Kaushik LM: #Magamuni - @MusicThaman delivers spiritual flavored songs & an impactful background score. He certainly gets #Santhakumar's taste.
@Dop_arunbathu gives the film the raw, edgy visual tone that the theme demands.
@editorsabu keeps a long, complex film engaging. Technically Fab

Rajasekar: #Magamuni is a classic example of what a good writing can do to a tried and tested formulaic mainstream storyline. Remarkable performance from
@arya_offl @Actress_Indhuja @Mahima_Nambiar and the entire team. Entertaining classic crime action drama. Full review soon....
#Magamuni first half - One of the best works of @arya_offl in his career, delivers a measured performance in two contrasting characters. #Santhakumar's writing is philosophical, razor sharp and watertight! Good so far.
@MusicThaman's BGM is top notch!

Sathish Kumar M: #Magamuni - 'A' Class Film. Very intense film with fantabulous BGM by
@MusicThaman, thought provoking dialogues and career's best performance from the lead actors -
@arya_offl, @Mahima_Nambiar & @Actress_Indhuja