Mag Mile looted
Mag Mile looted

In a shocking turn of events in downtown Chicago, looters ransacked high-end boutiques and luxury stores as angry protestors clashed with police. The violence spiked after the police shot and wounded a suspect in the Englewood neighbourhood on Sunday afternoon. Rumours quickly spread through the neighbourhood, speculating that the suspect was a child, which led to violent protests.

While the protestors clashed with the police, many ransacked the luxury stores in Chicago's "Magnificent Mile." Shocking videos showed hundreds of people looting the stores in the neighbourhood, due to which the city authorities ceased public transport and raised the bridges leading to the city to prevent access to downtown. The police arrested around 100 protestors and 13 officers were injured in the vandalism.

The mass chaos in Chicago's posh neighbourhood showed people looting the Gold Coast, bank ATMs and high-end stores along the renowned Magnificent Mile. The footage shared on social media shows people breaking into stores and walking out with shopping bags full of merchandise.

Looters' actions smear meaningful protests

Chicago police
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Chicago's shopping district painted an unfortunate picture in wake of protests against police brutality in the States, which started with the killing of George Floyd. The entire nation stood in solidarity with Floyd, to make sure his death doesn't go in vain. People marched the streets of various US cities, stood face-to-face with the army of cops who were deployed to put off any tensions that might arise and endured the pain of police injustice even during peaceful protests.

All those efforts added meaning to the protests as it received global support. Netizens echoed the sentiments of those who stood for the rights of people victimised by the police. The voices grew stronger police brutality and call for police reforms echoed across the country.

The actions of some looters ransacking "Mag Mile" stores smear those worthwhile efforts demanding justice for the victims of police brutality. But it's also worth pointing out that the actions of few shouldn't define what has grown to become one of the most meaningful protests in recent history.