[Representative Image] People watch roosters fight during a celebration for the New Year of the Dai minority in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan province April 13, 2014.Reuters

In an unusual case, a Betul court in Madhya Pradesh has asked the police to produce two cockerels before the judge. The two cockerels were seized when a cockfight gambling den was busted in Khairi village on Sunday.

According to reports, the two cocks had spent the last three days at the Athner police station. The report further suggested that the roosters were tied in separate corners of a cell because they couldn't stop fighting.

On Sunday, police busted a cockfight gambling den when two people, Laxman Uike and Bapu Rao, allegedly organised the fight and locals placed their bets. The police arrested the organisers of the fight and seized the roosters.

"We also seized nine two-wheelers during the raid. A case has been registered, and we are trying to identify the people who fled from the spot," Hindustan Times quoted station in-charge Praveen Kumre as saying.

A case has been registered against several people and police are also trying to get hold of others involved in the gambling. Kumre said that the two roosters will be presented before the court and their fate will be decided there.

"Two birds seized in a similar case in Balaghat district were auctioned off on the orders of the local court," he added.

Talking about the cockerels being tied in the cell, constable Rohit Kushwaha said the birds would have killed each other. "They are very aggressive. We have been feeding them well for the last three days, so they look nice for their court appearance," he added.

Kumre, while talking to the Press Trust of India, revealed that they took care of the roosters and even provided the chicken feed with the help of a local farmer.

"We have found the owners of the motorcycles but are still waiting for the owners of these cocks. After finding the owners, we will present them in the court," he said.