Madam Secretary
Tea Leoni as 'Madam Secretary'Facebook/Madam Secretary

Actress Tea Leoni has won the hearts of the viewers through her stunning performance as the Secretary of State on CBS's new political drama "Madam Secretary".

"Madam Secretary" kicked off on CBS with a scene in Syria, which showed two American teenagers being napped by the militants. The series then introduced the viewers to Elizabeth McCord (Tea Leoni) as a college professor at a Virginia university, reports TV Line.

In the pilot episode of the CBS's political drama, the former CIA agent turned professor McCord received an offer from her old CIA boss Conrad Dalton (Keith Carradine), who is currently the President, to take up the position of Secretary of State after the suspicious death of her predecessor.

"I know how you think, how you work. I trust you. You don't just think outside the box — you don't even know there is a box," says Dalton.

After taking up position as the Secretary of State, she worked on her first assignment of releasing the two young Americans from the custody of the militants. Through her intelligence, she succeeded in her tasks and proved her capability to take up the job.

But her joy of success vanished soon after she got the information that former Secretary of State did not die in an accident and that someone killed him.

During the first day of her job, McCord was shown facing several personal and professional issues, including the dislikes of her colleagues and the difficulties her kids faced to adjust with the new environment. However, she was portrayed as a shrewd and determined officer.

The first episode of "Madam Secretary" ended leaving several questions in the minds of the viewers, including whether McCord will be able to acclimatise with her new job, will she be able to balance her political life with that of her personal life? and what will be her new task and whether she will succeed in it?