LVL XIII copyrighted toe plate and Louis Vuitton's new collection.PR handout

Fashion industry's emerging firm LVL XIII, has initiated legal action against one of the largest fashion brands Louis Vuitton for Trademark violation.

LVL XIII claims that the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Antonio Brown had created a front toe plate, on 12 October 2012, into the outsole specifically to distinguish the company's sneakers from other competitors in the market.

The company alleges that the defendant Louis Vuitton, known to have vast resources and market presence, has copied the toe plate and used a version on its own shoes and seeks to compete with those sold by LVL XIII as to pricing, channels of trade and customer base.

"The company filed a case in the United States District Court against Louis Vuitton's version of the toe plate, which was launched in March of 2014 in the US marketplace," LVL XIII publicist Lamont Johnson said in a written mail.

In the complaint against the renowned French fashion house, Brown claims of trademark infringement and unfair competition.

According to the young fashion designer, his brand was the first to adopt a distinctive rectangular metal plate in the front of the shoe but Louis Vuitton launched similar designs in its summer/spring 2014 collection to mislead the consumers, reported The Fashion Law.

Meanwhile, the lawsuit also alleges that Louis Vuitton's infringement of LVL XIII in their new collection will cause "reverse confusion" and that it will wipe out the hard-earned toehold of LVL XIII.

LVL XIII is a new luxury brand founded by Brown that specialises in shoes, including sneakers. In little more than a year, the LVL XIII toe plate has become widely recognised and its designs have been popular among the likes of Chris Brown, rappers Nas and Jim Jones, Chris Brown and many more celebrities.

The new brand has also been featured in various publications, including Footwear News, Good Morning America and The Examiner with metal plate represented as the aesthetic of the sneaker by LVL XIII.

However, with this issue, Louis Vuitton have nearly destroyed the CEO's hope and dreams of sustaining his company in the apparel and footwear industry.