Luke Wilson was described as a 'hero' by a car crash witness.Reuters

Actor Luke Wilson has dramatically rescued an injured woman who was involved in a deadly car crash in Los Angeles on Tuesday evening, according to a witness on site.

Tattoo artist Sean Heirigs, who was also involved in the four-vehicle collision, praised The Royal Tenenbaums star as "the hero" for pulling the 50-year-old woman out from her BMW following the incident.

The witness said the 46-year-old actor, whose own SUV got clipped in the accident, jumped out of his vehicle and reached out to help the woman.

Seeing the actor walking towards the trapped woman, Heirigs also stepped out of his vehicle to help her after telling his 14-year-old daughter to call 911.

The witness further explained that both of them were worried that the BMW could burst into flames if they didn't jump into action quickly.

Here is how Heirigs described the incident (via The Hollywood Reporter):

He was the hero, he led the charge. She's crying, she's screaming, she doesn't really know what happened and she was dangling into the passenger side. 

We were able to get her leg out from being stuck and then she came out and Luke was pulling her through the back trunk area and then we both carried her to the curb.

And this was all going on while the Ferrari's wheels are still spinning and blowing rubber and smoke everywhere and it's loud and you're smelling lots of smoke and there's glass.

Although Wilson and Heirigs escaped the car crash unharmed, the unidentified woman is seriously injured and she has been admitted to a hospital, reported Daily Mail.

Golfer Bill Haas was also injured in the accident, which happened in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood. He was a passenger of the Ferrari that was reportedly "traveling at speed".

Officer Mike Lopez from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) said that the Ferrari's "high rate of speed" might have caused the accident that killed a 71-year-old male driver.

"I believe the cause [of the Ferrari driver's death] was a high rate of speed and the individual lost control, colliding into several vehicles," the officer told the Palisades Post.

Meanwhile, Detective Jeff Fischer from LAPD said that Haas is "doing Ok" now.

"I can confirm Luke Wilson was driving the vehicle, the Toyota FJ that was traveling northbound. His vehicle just basically got clipped by the Ferrari. Bill Haas was the passenger in the Ferrari. Apparently, from what I was told, he's doing OK too," he said.

Haas' manager Allen Hobbs of Players Group Management also released a statement, which read:

Last night in Pacific Palisades, California, Bill Haas was involved in a serious car accident in which the driver—a member of the family with whom Haas and his family were staying for the Genesis Open—was killed. While Bill escaped serious injuries and has been released from the hospital, he is understandably shaken up and—more importantly—his deepest condolences go out to the host family during this tragic and difficult time.

Bill will withdraw from the Genesis Open and plans to head home to Greenville to recover. He appreciates the support of friends, family and the golf world as a whole, and he has asked for privacy as he processes what has happened.