Luka Chuppi critics review and rating
Luka Chuppi critics review and ratingTwitter

Luka Chuppi starring Kartik Aaryan and Kriti Sanon has got mixed review from the critics.

The movie is a romantic comedy that revolves around a couple, who get into a live-in relationship by falsely claiming to be married.

The trailer of the film looked impressive, and hence, could generate decent hype around it. This is the first time Kartik and Kriti are seen together on screen. While some of the critics are praising the lead cast's performance, some others found it average.

Luka Chuppi apparently offers an entertaining but absurd storyline, and also sends out a message. Directed by Laxman Utekar, the movie also features Aparshakti Khurana, Pankaj Tripathi, Atul Srivastava, Vinay Pathak among others.

It is being called a one-time watch, but with not much expectations. However, it can be much liked by the young audience.

Check Luka Chuppi intial critic review and rating:

NDTV: Luka Chuppi isn't without its moments, but its downside overwhelms its strengths by a big margin. It offers shallow entertainment at best. Watch the film only if that is good enough for you. (2/5)

Times of India: Overall, 'Luka Chuppi' is a fun ride that never gets too preachy or uncomfortable for the family audience. It's a clean entertainer with a message that's not too loud, but clear, for sure. (3.5/5)

Indian Express: The attempts at subversion, in which Guddu-and-Rashmi try their best to become legal, are welcome. But you wish the filmmakers had been braver, because this was a mainstream movie's chance to push back against those ghastly self-styled 'sansthas' which prey upon young lovers in small towns. (1.5/5)

India Today: Luka Chuppi, starring Kartik Aaryan and Kriti Sanon, will not blow your mind, but is a good watch if you are looking for something fun this weekend. (3/5)

Gulf News: Be warned, 'Luka Chuppi' isn't a life-altering romantic comedy which sets out to make some grave social comment. It's a light-hearted film — with a scattered, almost fickle, storyline — bolstered by good performances from a sturdy cast. While you may not put a ring on this one, you can definitely live with it for a couple of hours of your life. (2.5/5)

Masala.comLuka Chuppi is an enjoyable watch that is directed at a young audience who will find it very relatable. It also subtly touches upon various relevant and timely social issues. Go for it and have a good time at the movies. (3/5)

Filmfare: The brilliantly written film by Rohan Shankar offers the right punches in dialogues and has been expertly directed by cinematographer Laxman Utekar. A fun, light hearted film with a small suggestion of a message. Nothing preachy (3/5)