Bringing Neil Geiman's idea of Lucifer to life, Tom Ellis will star as Lucifer in the upcoming eponymous FOX series. While the show is scheduled to premiere on Monday, 25 January, the pilot episode was leaked months ago, and most fans have already seen it.

The show focuses on Lucifer Morningstar, who retired from his post as The Lord of Hell and decided to run his own nightclub, named Lux. He has the ability to read the innermost desires of those around him, and loves to use it to shame sinners in public. He also finds great joy in getting people to confess the truth they are trying to hide from the rest of the world.

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In the premiere episode, we learn Lucifer is not evil as much as he is naughty. He cares for a girl called Delilah (AnnaLynne McCord), who made a deal with him, and became famous. However, when she gets killed right in front of his eyes, he takes it upon himself to solve her murder.

Along the way, he gets off on the wrong foot with LAPD homicide detective Chloe (Lauren German). However, they do reach an understanding and we will see the two of them solving murders together in the later episodes.

Watch the trailer for "Lucifer" here: