Critics have slammed Girish Kumar's romantic film "Loveshhuda." Directed by Vaibhav Mishra, the film features Girish, Navneet Kaur Dhillon and Naveen Kasturia in lead roles.

"Loveshhuda" is a story of Gaurav (Girish) who gets drunk and spends a night with an unknown girl Pooja (played by Navneet). Gaurav, who is set to get married to Vandana, falls in love with Pooja. He sacrifices his love and marries Vandhana, but the two separate four years after marriage. Gaurav and Pooja meet after four years and decide to get married.

The film is a usual love story, which has nothing new to offer. "Loveshhuda" has received mostly two stars from critics, who also said that the film is not worth watching.

Read what critics have said about the film:

Rohit Bhatnagar of Deccan Chronicle said: "First half is with mixed with water and soda but second half is just about having neat pegs. I recommend that you carry a strip of disprin atleast for the second half."

Aneela Zeb Babar of Desimartini said: "Two death wishes for the lead protagonists of a new release so early in the day. Hic! that must be all the Irish in my coffee which is the only way you can survive the next two hours."

Subhash K Jha of Firstpost said: "As you watch this slush of a rom-com only one thought keeps coming to mind. Would someone please slash the slosh?"

Moumita Bhattacharjee of said: "Emotions have been royally ignored and this is a love story, mind you! Watch it if you have really HAVE TO!"

Bollywood Hungama review read: "LOVESHHUDA is an amalgamation of famous rom-coms from both Hollywood and Bollywood with good music but fails to make an impact as it offers nothing new."