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Love was in the air in Palamedu in Tamil Nadu when people reunited a cow and a bull after the cow was sold off by its owner and the video showing the bull following the truck, in which the cow was being carried went viral. People celebrated here after the two were reunited.

The bull refused to leave the cow's side and ran behind the truck in which the cow was being transported for about 1 kilometer.

The video clip shows the bull circling the mini-truck, trying to reach out to the cow, which is tied. The visuals showed the black bull running after the truck.

Cow is Lakshmi and the bull is Manjamalai

Muniandi a resident of Palamedu, runs a tea shop in the area. He raised the cow and the bull together. The bull belongs to the local temple. The cow is Lakshmi and the bull is Manjamalai. Muniandi said that he needed money so he decided to sell the cow.

However, the Bull could not bear the separation and followed the vehicle, which was on its way to Vadipatti, attempting to stop it. The video caught the attention of Deputy Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, O Panneerselvam's son, O Jayapradeep. He came forward to help the bovines and paid the amount to the person who bought the cow.

He then donated the cow to the temple and reunited the bovines.

The temple bull came to visit Muniandi's house often and made a bond with the cow. Since it was a temple bull, Muniandi had also fed and watered it along with his cow.

The buyer came to Palamedu to take the cow on Sunday in a mini truck. After the cow was loaded into the truck, the bull became restless and blocked the movement of the truck. The driver could only resume the drive towards Vadipatti after the bull blocked the truck for over 30 minutes. But the distraught bull did not give up. It mooed loudly and followed the truck as the helpless cow reciprocated the call. The bull finally sat down on the road as the truck sped away.

The cow and the bull trying to reach out to each other

The incident was luckily captured by a few villagers on their phones and uploaded the video on social media, which led to Jayapradeep's timely intervention. He immediately got in touch with his party functionary in Vadipatti town and tracked down the buyer, who purchased the cow. He bought the cow and sent it back to Palamedu.

Jayapradeep came down to Palamedu and gifted the cow to the temple saying that the two should not be separated under any circumstance. He also offered money for the upkeep of the two.