Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood
Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

Fans have always known that Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood never really got along. But things got ugly when the cast members of the show's season 4 came together to tape a reunion episode on Tuesday night in NYC.

Instead of love and hugs, the cast members were reportedly seen screaming and fighting. As things got nastier, it got physical and there was bloodshed. The production eventually had to be shut down.

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But what exactly happened and how did things go this bad? According to Hollywood Life the scene was created because of two major standoffs – Hazel-E and Moniece, and Rodney Lazell Shaw (aka Zellswag) and Myles Cunningham (aka Misster Ray).

Reports suggest Hazel and Moniece began arguing and soon, Hazel tried to attack Moniece but fortunately for the latter, Hazel missed. However, Moniece was still shocked by the turn of events.

But it was the fight between Lazell and MissterRay that changed the night for everyone. TMZ reported the cast started discussing an ongoing season 4 beef about "who jacked whose swag." When things began heating up, the producers asked them to stop the discussion.

"Rodney agreed and moved in for a hug but instead unleashed a beatdown repeatedly punching and kicking Myles. Cops were called but by the time they arrived, Rodney had bolted," TMZ reported.

The big fight witnessed Lazell beat MissterRay black and blue. The tiff got uglier with every hit and eventually, MissterRay began bleeding.

The fight not only left him bruised but also saw MissterRay leave with a black eye. Now that's going to hurt! MTO reported the production had to be stopped and paramedics were called in to help MissterRay stitch up his eye.

While many would have presumed the fight would have ended there, Lazell took to social media to add to the chaos. He went on a tangent about the whole incident online revealing his side of the story. The video obviously drove more attention towards the bad reunion.

It is reported that the beating was recorded and could be featured on the show.