Reality show reunions are always filled with drama and cat fights, but the upcoming "Love and Hip Hop" Season 5 reunion is going to be something that you cannot miss, especially considering Joseline Hernandez and Tommie Lee are going to have a showdown. Is it understood that Joseline is going to play a sex tape featuring Tommie at the reunion show.

As fans saw, Tommie had boasted to everyone that would listen that she is going to sleep with Stevie to get back at Scrapp and Karlie. Making declarations come with consequences, namely retaliations from the Puerto Rican princess.

Joseline has not only taken a dip in the lady pond, she also take a nice, long swim whenever she is presented with the opportunity. As fans know, Joseline has already had sexual relations with Mimi Faust and Jessica Dime.

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Now, she has claimed that she has also slept with her husband Stevie J's nephew Scrapp's girlfriend Tommie. Now that they are beefing over Tommie's relationship with Stevie J, she is planning to release a sex tape, which may or may not feature Joseline as well.

MeetMagazine has shared a picture posted by Joseline on her social media, in which a naked woman's back is visible. She has quite a few tattoos on her lower back, but her identity is not revealed. The photo comes with the caption, "Anybody wanna take a wild guess who this w---- is???? #Lahhatl oh I will have full video at #lahhatlreunion play chess not checkers h-- your p---- taste good doe."

In response to this post Tommie wrote, "F---- THE HYPE ABOUT N----'s GET HEAD EVERYDAY B H---S GIVE DOME AND GO HOME YOU CAN'T STAY!!!"

It is clear that things are going to get extremely animated at the reunion show. Meanwhile, dont forget to watch the upcoming Season 5 episode 11 of "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" on Monday, June 20 .