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Director Vikram Bhatt's Bollywood movie "Love Games," starring Tara Alisha, Patralekhaa and Gaurav Arora, has received mixed reviews from the audience around the world.

"Love Games" is a crime thriller movie that tells the story of a swinger couple. Viewers say "Love Games" has an interesting concept, but the director has failed to execute it in a convincing way on the screen. The story is predictable in parts and the film is high on erotic quotient, they feel.

Sameer Saxena (Gaurav Arora), a rich tycoon's son, is into sex and drugs. He is the toy boy of Ramona Raichand (Patralekhaa), who loves to spend time with him after the death of her husband, who was a wealthy old man. Ramona and Sam decide to play silly love games that involve swapping partners.

Things turn messier, when Sam bumps into cardiac surgeon Alisha Asthana (Tara Alisha Berry), who is married to a criminal lawyer, who subjects her to domestic violence. Ramona is upset over Sam's growing feelings for Alisha. What happens next forms the crux of the story.

Gaurav Arora, Tara Alisha Berry and Patralekhaa have delivered good performances, helped by a natural chemistry. "Love Games" has good production values. Music and picturisation are the highlights on the technical front, add the viewers. We bring you some viewers' verdict shared on Twitter. Here is the live update of the "Love Games" movie review by the audience:


Love + Lust +Revenge + Drama +Players = #LoveGames (for 18 +) Natural @Patralekhaa9 Super @MeGauravArora Promising @TaraAlishaBerry #RjAlok

Fenil Seta ‏@fenil_seta

@TheVikramBhatt's story is promising and has equal dose of thrill and sex @TheVikramBhatt's dialogues are very relatable and not too over the top @TaraAlishaBerry looks extremely sweet and gives a fabulous performance. @TaraAlishaBerry's performance in surgery scene & in the song 'Awargi' is something to watch out for #LoveGames An average flick and worth watching only if The Jungle Book doesn't interest you!

Kaushal Sengar ‏@ethantery

#lovegames is a cheap erotica. Certainly caters to the audience at single screens as reviews want matter for them

ARUNLAL ‏@arunlal7701

The best role @TaraAlishaBerry Great acting and perfect match for the character #Act #Bold #LoveGames

News ‏@sunsetsafari

Love Games quick review : An erotic thriller tucked under love and lust with steamy scenes that sets the screen on fire #LoveGames

Rohit Vats ‏@nawabjha

#LoveGames | Good or bad I don't know yet, but it's weird for sure. Bold is a small word for it.Done with #LoveGames. Review coming soon. Started well, but then lost the drift. Also Vikram Bhatt.

Anupama Chopra @anupamachopra

Best #LoveGames line-She finds out her f*** buddy has fallen in love, she says: Best of both worlds, wahan classical piano, yahan hard rock!

#SultanSK #BleedBlue ‏@SudhanshuSK14

Just Watched #LoveGames Beautiful Movie WD Lovely Songs and Solid Performance by @TaraAlishaBerry @Patralekhaa9 @MeGauravArora

Daarab ‏@DaarabFiroz

@TaraAlishaBerry #great movie i ever watch and you are the #best actress in the world

Nihit Anand ‏@NihitAnand

@TaraAlishaBerry @Patralekhaa9 Just Watched @LoveGamesFilm & Thrilling Story & Ramona the soul of the Movie but Alisha was the real player

Sarthak Chauhan ‏@sarthak_singer

@TaraAlishaBerry #LoveGames watched the movie it was quite love with Tara beautiful..going to watch it twice.!