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Director Dhyan Sreenivasan's Tamil-Malayalam movie Love Action Drama (LAD) featuring Nivin Pauly and Nayanthara in the lead roles, has received positive review and rating from the audience.

Love Action Drama is a romantic action drama film and Dhyan Sreenivasan, who is making his directorial debut, has written the script for the movie, which has been produced by Aju Varghese and Visakh Subramaniam under the banner Funtastic Films. The flick has received a U/A certificate from the censor board and the runtime is 2.22 hours.

Love Action Drama story: The film is about the marital discord caused by an average-looking husband's inferiority complex. How he goes through all kinds of action to impress the girl he is in love with a hope to marry her forms the crux of the story.

Performances: Nivin Pauly and Nayanthara have delivered brilliant performances and the magical chemistry between the two is the highlight of Love Action Drama. Aju Varghese, Vineeth Sreenivasan, Dhyan Sreenivasan, prajin padmanabhan, Durga Krishna, Basil Joseph, Sreenivasan and others have done justice to the role and they are also among the assets of the movie, says the audience.

Love Action Drama review live updates: We bring you some viewers' verdict on the film shared on Twitter. Continue to read the audience's response.

Ashwin Varkey Ajay @varkey_III

#LoveActionDrama 1st half-highly engaging till now. @NivinOfficial is in fine form, with perfect comedic timing.@NayantharaU is also really good. Both have great chemistry. Nivin-@AjuVarghesee combo is highlight. DOP BGM Filled with many Nivin references.Unexpected interval.

Ayan Pradeesh @AyanPradeesh

One time watchable Usual story Nivin aju combo okayyiishh Some comedy scenes worked well Music okay kudukku song Nayan Predictable climax Overall average flick 2.5/5 #LoveActionDrama


#lad #ladreview #loveactiondramareview #LoveActionDrama: Overall one-time watchable...!! Some comedies workout well & others Rich Making from team BO verdict - Strictly depends on other Onam Releases. Movie Rating - 7.5

Dark Knight The Unpaid Critic @itsMe_Rps

#LoveActionDrama #LAD #review #NivinPauly play an unromantic hero in this fun filled drama. #Nayanathara plays shobha who falls for him. It has comedy ,love and definitely some drama. Aju Varghese plays key role. It is definitely entertaining for younger audience

Muhammad Adhil @urstrulyadhil

Halfway #LoveActionDrama : Typical Nivin kinda entertainer.Few comedies works, few flat.Picks up well towards interval.Watchable so far.

Riyas Alpha @riyasalpha

#LoveActionDrama First Half - An average first half with 15 minutes prior to interval is interesting. Rich Making. Good Performances. Yet to convey the story. But interval portions opens upon to an expectation of an interesting second half. Jokes - some clicked, others misfired

The Unpaid Critic @itz_scb

#LoveActionDrama First Half - A good first half. Rich Making. Good Performances. Interval portions opens upon to an expectation of an interesting second half.. Waiting #LoveActionDrama The name itself says that the film is totally with love action and drama Perfect Entertainer Colour Full Visuals Second Half BgM #Nayanathara & #Nivin Looks superb @AjuVarghesee its party time BB loading...

Friday Matinee @VRFridayMatinee

#LoveActionDrama First Half - An average first half with 15 minutes prior to interval is interesting. Rich Making. Good Performances. Yet to convey the story. But interval portions opens upon to an expectation of an interesting second half. Jokes - some clicked, others misfired #LoveActionDrama - A better second half comapred to first half as well as more entertaining & screenplay is also better. @NivinOfficial, @NayantharaU and #Aju does a good job. Rich Frames is big +ve.Last Fight Songs n BGM on Average Side. Watchable Colorful Entertainer

MollywoodBoxOffice @MollywoodBo1

#LoveActionDrama Interval A Decent First Half with some good comedies nd usual Nivin Mannerism's. Getting More Interesting towards interval portions Nayan's as usual Awaiting Second Half.

Cine Maniac @cinemamaniacss

#LoveActionDrama First half A Fun ride so far @NivinOfficial back in action @NivinOfficial - @AjuVarghesee combo is a treat to watch Colourful,rich visuals & Songs,BGM by Shaan is good Good Job #Dhyan Good So Far

Forum Keralam (FK) @Forumkeralam1

#LoveActionDrama interval: Decent fun watch so far. Nothing new but Dhyan banks quiet fairly on Nivin's comedy timing though it's his usual style.Pretty Nayan.Music #LoveActionDrama : 2nd Half isn't as engaging as the earlier half with Dhyan struggling to come up with an interesting sub-plot to take his wafer thin story moving.Still he manages to pack a watchable entertainer which relies on lead pair and their chemistry. Nivin is in his comfort zone and he is the one on which Dhyan banks mostly apart from his other aid Nayanthara who is pretty both in her looks and performance.Aju typical while Sreenivasan and Mallika Sukumar is fair.Vineeth extends his Thanneer Mathan Character #LoveActionDrama Apart from the lead pair, it's Shaan and Jomob who saves the film at weak portions with their likeable works.The slick packaging from Dhyan helps the movie give a colourful appeal though he wasn't at his best in writing. Overall Dhyan presents another Vineet-Nivin style of entertainer which we are familiar of, though he couldn't bring up the fun level they have provided couple of times before. Time-pass entertainment

Plumeria Movies

#LoveActionDrama (1st half) - a wonderful entertainer till. Enjoying the mood of 'Kudukku Pottiya Kuppaayam'. #LoveActionDrama (Second half) A super fun filled journey #NivinPauly, #Nayanthara and @AjuVarghesee.Shaan Rahman is on top form.

Thrissur Theaters @ThrissurTheatrs

#LoveActionDrama above avg first half. #Nivin - Aju combo Nayans 2nd half running...!

Kerala Box Office Updates @KeralaBoxOffees

Decent First Half ✌ Entertaining #LoveActionDrama

Vijayism ❤️ @RkoviperRasigan

#LoveActionDrama Avg first half and decent second half Good dop nkvin aju combo ok ✌️ Avg script and songs watchable movie as you wont get bored ✌️ ..onam winner competition is wide open now

Cyril @Cyriloffl

Yeahh...onam blockbuster is here Rocking mass entertainer from @NivinOfficial & #Nayanathara Top class cinematography and making by #dhyansreenivasan @AjuVarghesee will be a crorepati soon 4/5 #LoveActionDrama #Review

KeralaBoxofficeStats @kboxstats

#LoveActionDrama Average entertainer which could have been a lot better! #Nivin - #Aju chemistry has worked well. Some humour scenes have worked well, while others equally backfired. Music DOP Dhyans' script but his execution is better. Overall, watchable! 2.5/5

Snehasallapam (SS) @SSTweeps

#LAD First Half Finally @NivinOfficial Back in Action.! After Lalettan & Sreenivasan it's #Nivin & @AjuVarghesee combo Superb Visuals Encouraging BGM Especially #Kudukku Song Onam trending song is Ready. Dhayan debut Dir entry Rocking. First half fully filled with comedy #LoveActionDrama Perfect Entertainer Package Colour Full Visuals With Massive Background Score Second Half Fight with kudukku BGM #Nayanathara & #Nivin Looks and cinematography Top. Dhayan Debutant Direction Entry Blasted. Onam BB Loading...! Party Time @AjuVarghesee ❤️

Malayalam BoxOffice @malyalammovieBO

#LoveActionDrama fun 1st half Carried by #Nivin - #Aju combo #Nayanthara Comedy is good, some r flatInteresting interval twist

BoxOffice Critics @BOCritics

Watched #LoveActionDrama, Double Colorful Entertainer From @NivinOfficial @AjuVarghesee & Other Full Crew Very Good First half and Very Good Second Jalf ✌ Niviv shines as #Dineshan through Out The Movie With The Support of @NayantharaU & #AjuVarghese