New Zealand cricketer Lou Vincent has made some big revelations at the Chris Cairns perjury trial in a London courtroom, regarding his involvement in match fixing during the now defunct Indian Cricket League, which was never sanctioned by the BCCI or the ICC.

The right-handed Kiwi batsman, who played for Chandigarh Lions in the ICL, talked about former Indian cricketer, Dinesh Mongia along with Chris Cairns, amongst other cricketers, who fixed matches during the ICL.

However, the Indian cricketer was quick to dismiss such allegations from Vincent. Mongia, who also played for Lions, said he was not aware of anything.

"What he [Vincent] said is incorrect. I was not involved in any match-fixing. I played for the Chandigarh Lions but I don't know what the New Zealanders were doing," PTI quoted Mongia as saying.

Vincent, who arrived in Chandigarh to participate in the ICL, said an Indian, who claimed to be from a bat manufacturer, also offered money to fix ICL matches.

"He pulled out a wad of American dollars, and said it was a sponsorship down payment, that's when alarm bells began to ring," Indian Express quoted Vincent as saying.

"I left that room knowing it wasn't a sponsorship deal."

Vincent, who immediately knews something was not right, informed Cairns about the incident.

"Immediately I went to Chris Cairns and told him what had happened. The deal, the room, the woman and being offered the money and how I went to report what had just happened. Chris was obviously interested, then there was a pause for a short period of time," PTI quoted Vincent.

"And then he turned to me, looked at me and said 'You did the right thing' and 'That's good cover. Right, you're working for me now.'"

Vincent, who was battling depression, said that he also agreed to underperform during the competition to make some more money. Cairns had informed Vincent that he would be offered $50,000 for every fixed match.

"I recall he'd pay me $50,000 for every game that was fixed...There were four games I fixed for Cairns in the April/May tournament. I played between eight and 12 games. In three or the four games I was instructed either on the bus or at breakfast," Vincent added.

The ICL only lasted for two seasons.