Gorakhpur-Muzaffarpur passenger train (not pictured) went missing from Hajipur on 25 August
Gorakhpur-Muzaffarpur passenger train (not pictured) went missing from Hajipur on 25 AugustReuters

The world has still not gotten over the mystery behind the missing Malaysian flight MH 310, and India has already added its own entry to the list of missing locomotives with not a bus, or a ship, or even a lorry; but a missing train. The Gorakhpur-Muzaffarpur passenger train, which had been missing since the night of 25 August, has however been finally traced after 17 days, to a remote location in Bihar on Thursday.

After the derailment of a nine-coach goods train at Ghughli Bazar station on Gorakhpur-Narkatiaganj route that led to the diversion of several trains, the Gorakhpur-Muzaffarpur passenger train was reported as "missing". Reportedly, as the train ventured into unchartered routes, passengers quickly got off of it, Arun Malik, divisional manager in the Samastipur railway division said.

No police case was registered regarding the "missing" train since the railways were themselves looking for it and it was allegedly on some railway track. Ironically, the driver of the train also made no contact with the division concerned, adding to the mystery and confusion.

However, 17 days after it was reported missing, the Gorakhpur-Muzaffarpur Passenger was finally found. "We finally traced it today at a railway station in another division," said Malik on Thursday.

The story provided plot to many a hilarous Twitter reactions, with users like Anita Raj Bahwa commenting "MIssing train ........it happens only in India", Animesh saying, "And this happens too #onlyinindia." and Naresh Shenoy commenting, "this is possible only in India 'missing' passenger train found in Bihar", while Ajay Singh sarcastically said, "India the Great aise hi thode hi" and Satvinder reiterated, "Such a beautiful country India!->"

Some users were plain appaled by the news, with Just The Facts Ma'm tweeting: "How the hell do you lose a train ?:", Sammy Gill posting, "Strange ! Dramatic and unbelievable......I still cant find any logical explanation....:P" and Rajathdm asking, "Trains go missing?"

Me_Benaam is of the opinion that it can, but only for the right price: "Had heard of missing planes...In India for right price anything can be lost..."

Some used this opportunity to take a jab at the sorry state of Bihar. "Anything can go missing in bihar from development to train," opined Rishabh Paliwal, while Arjun Mohan tweeted, "In Bihar, they can trace a missing train, but not Lalu's (or Rahul's) brain!"