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Sonam Kapoor recently stepped out for a book launch looking absolutely refreshing. The diva wore a black coloured outfit and made sure all eyes were on her. Sonam's look soon became a target of trolls and the comments started pouring in. This is what a section had to say on her outfit.

Sonam Kapoor, Anand
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"Wednesday's sister Tuesday," read a comment. "Looking like dara singh," another comment read. "Why is she in a night dress," a social media user asked. "Where has her dressing sense gone?" another social media user questioned. "It's not stylish, it looks like a pillowcase on her, it's not flattering her at all, just cuz something is in fashion doesn't mean it will look good on you," a user opined.

"Best flop actress of Bollywood," wrote a user. "Haven't seen a more ugly dress than this," another user commented. "OMG a walking hanger", "Haha what is this? Raincoat type dress", "Pathetic fashion sense", "and I thought the shoes were uncomfortable", "she forgot to remove the hanger from the dress" were some more comments on the videos doing the rounds.

Sonam Kapoor with son Vayu and family
Sonam Kapoor with son Vayu and familyInstagram

Sonam on how pregnancy changed her style

There's no denying the fact that Sonam Kapoor has been Bollywood's undisputed fashionista. Even during her pregnancy and after the birth of her son, Vayu, the diva continued to go effortless and unapologetically bold with her sartorial choices. Talking about how pregnancy changed her fashion choices, Kapoor had said that she learnt to embrace her new curves and body instead of trying to hide it.

"I think after I delivered Vayu (her 1-year-old son), I was at a size that I had never been in my life and I understood that I had to embrace my new curves and my new body. I wanted to take it slow to lose weight and take care of myself and put myself and my child first. So, instead of pushing myself to lose all my weight, I did it slowly. And, in that process, I actually learned to love my body more and judge myself a little less harshly," she said in an interview.