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Trying a diet that suits your friend, may not be helpful to you. A recent study reveals that the secret of your 'perfect diet' depends on your DNA.

The researchers came to the conclusion after studying four different genetic lines of mice on the basis of diets which are typically followed by humans.

The study included a 'Japanese diet', with rice and green tea; an 'American diet' which is higher in fat and refined carbs; a 'Mediterranean diet', with wheat, olive oil and red wine extract and 'Ketogenic diet' which is high in fat and protein with very few carbs.

The study by Texas A&M University showed how different genetic types respond to different diet types. Each of the diet group received the same amount calories at each meal and was observed for over a period of six months.

It was found that they produced very different results according to their DNA, with some turning obese and others being healthier-- such as, on the Japanese diet, one of the four genetic types showed signs of liver damage.

The study's lead author, William Barrington of Texas A&M College of Medicine and College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, said: "The fourth strain [of mouse], which performed just fine on all of the other diets, did terrible on this diet, with increased fat in the liver and markings of liver damage."

The results of the study demonstrated that a diet that makes one individual lean and healthy might have complete opposite effect on another.

Barrington said: "The goal going into this study was to find the optimal diet, but really what we're finding is that it depends very much on the genetics of the individual and there isn't one diet that is best for everyone."

The findings were published in the journal Genetics.