Whether you are fresh out of college or you have just quit a job and are looking for a new one, the first thing you'll be doing is sign up on a job portal like LinkedIn or Naukri.com. And in case, you have already a profile you will update it. But now, you needn't go through the pains of having to visit different portals in your search for a new job as Google has made it simpler for you to find a job. 

AAP Job fair Delhi
(Representational image) Job seekers participate in Delhi Job Fair 2016 organized by the AAP government, Twitter/AAP Delhi

The world's biggest internet search engine has on Tuesday, April 24 rolled out a new experience that will help the millions of job seekers in India find relevant employment opportunities. And the best part is the manner in which Google's new service works — the job search feature has been integrated into Google's general search functionality, meaning that you can now search for a specific job right from Google's search bar.

Google homepage
Google homepage (screenshot)IBT India/Gani Waseem

This feature makes it a lot easier for job seekers to find a new job as it takes away the effort of having to log-in to various job portals in order to search for a job online.

All you need to do is type in the relevant keywords or phrases such as "human resource jobs in Bengaluru" or simply "marketing jobs near me" on Google's homepage or search bar and Google will sort out a list of related jobs directly from the employer's websites and from job postings on various job search platforms on the Internet.

Google jobs Portal feature
Google job search feature (screenshot)IBT India/Gani Waseem

With this simplified interface, users can locate job openings that fit in with their particular job description. The service also allows users to further customize their search preferences by using filters like location and distance among other filters. 

By default, the search portal sets the preferred job location to the user's current location. However you can expand it by entering your preferred city or location, for example, if you are looking for a job in Gurugram and currently staying in Bengaluru, you will need to search "telemarketing jobs in Gurgaon" or "hotel jobs in Gurgaon and so on.

Moreover, Google aggregates the jobs once they are posted almost immediately, so the jobs are fresh and updated from time to time. For this, Google has partnered with several job portals including LinkedIn, Quikr Jobs, and Shine.com among others and integrated them within its search functionality.

Users can access the new feature in English on Google web, the Google app on their Android and iOS-running smartphone.

Meanwhile, the service was already available in the US and other global markets, but it has now been launched in India as part of Google's continuing efforts to deliver India-centric services.

So, if you are looking for a new job, you know what to do. Just Google it!