Former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly, who has been a vocal critic of the BCCI no conflict diktat, has once again hit out at the board for not being practical with the clause and for using it in a way which is detrimental to Indian cricket. He also said that there should be clarity in the way this clause is used.

Speaking at a promotional event, Ganguly said: "I wouldn't say an exception should be made to the rule (but) the rule has to be practical. And what is conflict of interest? Today Rahul Dravid is appointed NCA head and there are issues about his conflict of interest of his job with India Cements. So you got to be practical on that, you never know whether you would become NCA head or no."

Ganguly cites Rahul Dravid's example

sourav ganguly
Sourav GangulySUJIT JAISWAL/AFP/Getty

It needs to be said that Rahul Dravid—who is the Head of Cricket at the National Cricket Academy and holds a post with India Cements that own an IPL franchise—was cleared of a conflict of interest charge by CoA earlier this month.

Also,  However, the former Indian captain has cited the example of Ricky Ponting and how he juggles between different rules and how Cricket Australia has given him flexibility.

"Look at Ricky Ponting, he coaches Australia, he is commentating in the Ashes and now in the month of April next year he will be with Delhi Capitals. I don't consider this as conflict of interest; because these are all skill-based. You don't decide whether you commentate, coach or (be) part of a franchisee. You get picked by people because of your skill, and I don't think it can be a conflict. It (what accounts for conflict of interest) has to be a bit more precise. Otherwise, everything is going to be conflict," Ganguly observed.

Ricky Ponting
Ricky PontingReuters

Apparently, when Dravid was charged under this conflict of interest clause, Ganguly had put out a Tweet which questioned the very basis. 'God help Indian cricket', was what the former Indian captain had said. Many former Indian cricketers, which include Sachin Tendulkar, VVS Laxman have all been questioned under this conflict of interest charge.