Shriram Alluri
London-based artist Shriram Alluri to release his first rock 'N' roll Telugu Song in Hyderabad. Pictured: Shriram AlluriPR Handout

London-based artist Shriram Alluri, who was born in Hyderabad, is gearing up to release his first alternative-rock-N-roll Telugu song from his upcoming album in Hyderabad on 6 November.

Shriram Alluri, who is currently working on new music with acclaimed Muse producer Tommaso Colliva, has returned to his roots and is writing new music in his native Telugu. The alternative-rock-N-roll artiste will be performing on at the first edition of Bacardi NH7 Weekender, which is held between 5 and 6 November in Hyderabad.

"By being introduced to Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple. The song made me want to play guitar, I was about 12 yrs and I haven't stopped since then and my love for Telugu songs began in 2012," Shriram Alluri says in a statement released to the media.

Shriram Alluri is returning to India to complete his Telugu album. He says he has finished the recording of one song and is yet to work on 8 more tracks. "Hopefully, I can get them done next year," he says. "Play music, write more songs and record more songs. While being in India I'd like to finish the Telugu album. One has been recorded so far, 8 more to go and hopefully I can get them done next year," he adds.

Alluri, who was introduced to western music by his older brother, discovered indie via Ricky Gervais podcasts and his debut Man Of Truth, which was recorded in Brighton, shows how adeptly he absorbed what he heard. With a voice that owes much to Edwyn Collins at his most dreamy and muscular backdrops that clang as authentically as Ride on Still Living and the tense "I See People" Alluri is very much in a tradition, without being a novelty or knock-off.