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Voting MaharashtraIANS

As the country is gearing up for its Lok Sabha elections starting from April 19, 2024, voters can exercise their democratic right and shape the future of the nation, here's how to find your polling booth, your EPIC number, and other details:

The key to accessing this vital information lies in the Election Photo ID Card (EPIC), commonly known as the Voter ID card. Each Voter ID card is equipped with a unique 10-digit alpha-numeric EPIC code, meticulously assigned by the ECI, serving as irrefutable proof of one's status as a registered voter.

For those wondering how to retrieve their EPIC number, the process is simple. One can locate the EPIC code on the front of their Voter ID card or access it conveniently through the National Voters' Service Portal (NVSP).

To find your EPIC number online, follow these steps:
1. Visit the official NVSP portal.
2. Under the 'Services' section, navigate to 'Search in Electoral Roll.
3. Choose between 'Search by Details' or 'Search by Mobile.
4. If opting for 'Search by Details,' input all necessary information, including captcha code, and hit 'Search' to unveil your EPIC code.
5. Similarly, for 'Search by Mobile,' enter your registered mobile number, captcha code, and request an OTP.
6. Upon receiving the OTP, utilise it to retrieve your EPIC number.

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Once armed with your EPIC number, the next step is identifying your designated polling booth. Here's how:
1. Head over to
2. Enter your EPIC code, select your state, input the captcha code, and initiate the search.
3. Witness the magic unfold as your polling booth details materialise on the screen, ready to guide you on election day.

With these user-friendly online tools provided by the Election Commission, voters can seamlessly navigate the electoral process, ensuring their voices are heard loud and clear come election day. So, whether you're a first-time voter or a seasoned participant, take advantage of these resources to locate your polling booth and play your part in shaping the nation's future.