Nikhil Kumaraswamy
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Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy has clarified that JD(S) will not surrender to Congress and that his son Nikhil will be contesting from Mandya Lok Sabha constituency.

It was earlier reported that Nikhil might be contesting from Mysore as Sumalatha, an actress and wife of actor MH Ambareesh, insisted on standing from the Mandya constituency.

JD(S) had already cleared their opinion that they won't let Mandya go under Congress leadership but was reticent about Nikhil's candidature. HDK on Sunday cleared the air by stating that his son will be contesting from Mandya rather than fleeing. This was also supported by Tourism Minister Sa Ra Mahesh as he proclaimed that Nikhil will be the party's official candidate in Mandya.

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The political wave in the state took a new course after Sumalatha's ingress. JD(S) was supposed to field a candidate in Mandya under a seat-sharing agreement with Congress and Nikhil was their preferred candidate, but the whole scene has changed since Sumalatha's political entry.

The actress has wished for Congress ticket in Mandya, but the party had offered her a seat in Bengaluru, which she refused saying that she will only contest from Mandya. She also said that if the Congress doesn't give her support she will stand as an independent candidate in Mandya.

In this new political rivalry, HDK took a dig at Ambareesh, questioning his contribution towards the district for which Sumalatha replied that every part of Mandya is aware of her late husband's contributions. The whole district is proof of her husband's effort to bring development in the state and that there are several temples and community centres which stand testimony for his deeds.

Among all the controversies, HD Kumaraswamy has made it clear that JD(S) will not let itself be intimidated by anyone. He said that his family has gone through many struggles and won't let anyone scare him. He further said that if Nikhil wants to contest in the elections, he will not move to Mysore as JD(S) has never involved themselves in cowardly politics.