BCCI have a big decision to make after CSK were suspended from the IPL for two yearsSandeep Shetty/IPL/Sportzpics

As Justice Lodha read the verdict from a blue binder, starting with Gurunath Meiyappan and Raj Kundra, stating their disgust – while using the word disrepute a number of times -- at how the officials of the two IPL franchises had conducted themselves, you felt that tidal wave coming.

At the back of the mind, though, there was also that "OK so they have punished the officials -- one riding on the coattails of the then BCCI president, and the other, who has a stake of a little over 10% in the franchise and was more well known as the husband of a fading celebrity – and therefore they will be happy to steer clear of the behemoth franchises."

Thankfully for all cricket fans – and even the CSK and RR fans, when the dust settles, will probably understand why this is such a landmark judgement and for the betterment of the game – that was not the case, and the Lodha Committee banged that gavel with authority.

Yes, it could have been a life ban for CSK and RR, and yes, there could have been heavy fines involved as well. But the two-year ban for two huge teams in the IPL, who, according to the Lodha Committee, skirted their responsibility, is a start, and quite a good start – whether the bans can be legally applied or not is another matter.

Too many things have been let go in the history of the IPL. Too many irregularities, too many "oh what happened there, wonder why that happened". Too many instances of "there goes another controversy, the flavour of the next few days and then gone with the wind."

This one, though, stuck, with the Justice Mudgal Report quite scathing in its indictment of the betting scandal, before the Lodha Committee, on order from the Supreme Court, took over and gave a scathing verdict.

The Lodha Committee Verdict will hopefully help in bringing a lot more transparency, and make the BCCI more inclusive, more for the fans, as it should really be.

Right now, it isn't, and too many problems have arisen from that, with this IPL betting scandal just one of many.

It will take a while to understand the magnitude of the judgement – after all, just how weird will the IPL be without CSK in it. The Chennai Super Kings are without a doubt the most popular and successful team in the Indian Premier League, and can the IPL survive, even for two years, without them?

What about the Rajasthan Royals, who have always been a well-liked franchise, especially with the Indian legend Rahul Dravid acting as one of the mentors. Life without the Royals will be difficult but not as earth-shattering as without CSK, perhaps.

But then, is it that big a loss really for the IPL, BCCI or Indian cricket in general? Isn't it better to just cut and run, and start a new era?

There is no way the BCCI will can the IPL, so the logical option will be to either play with six teams next two seasons – with Kochi Tuskers Kerala looking for a way back in, it could be seven – or ask for new bids to create two new franchises.

If the latter is the plan, one franchise will be definitely in Chennai; with the way Rajasthan are looking at the moment, however, what with the Lalit Modi issues and everything, the second franchise could be from elsewhere.

If the BCCI decide to ask for new bids to create two new teams, what of CSK and RR in two years' time?

These are decisions that only the Indian cricket board, via their numerous committees and governing councils and lawyers can take.

The feeling, right now, though, will probably be it is better to move on and start afresh rather than hang onto a past that has had way too many "Oh I don't want to remember that" moments.